Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Aloha From Hawaii

We have gotten a couple of texts and one phone call from Ashley & Lance since leaving for their honeymoon. The phone call was because of questions Ashley needed answered while they were trying to finish up paperwork the Military needed done.

They said they are having a great time and wish they never had to leave. Since they are in Hawaii, I'd be concerned if I heard anything else. lol

Anyhow, Ashley has posted some pictures from their trip on her Facebook page, so any of you who are friends with her, go check 'em out!

For those of you who aren't friends with her, I thought I'd let you see a couple that I especially like:

This first one was taken on their wedding night, before they left for Hawaii. Now that's what a young couple in love looks like. :) How adorable are these two?

One evening they went to a Polynesian Luau. Anyone who was on their honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary was asked to come up on stage.

Ashley told me they played a traditional Polynesian love song and all the couples were asked to slow dance to it.

Again I ask.....How adorable are these two? lol

I'm so happy to know they are having so much fun, as this is time they greatly need together. Ashley will fly back here to Iowa on May 10th. On May 11th, Lance will fly with other Marines to Afghanistan to serve and fight for our Country.


sara said...

those pictures are wonderful!!! They look so happy and in love!

Dena said...

Thanks Sara!

Kelly said...

Adorable doesn't even begin to describe that couple! That is definitely what young, happy and in love looks like!