Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random Dozen

1. What is one really fast, know-by-heart "go-to" meal to fix in a pinch?

Goulash - also a family favorite since my children were toddlers

2. What is one item you won't leave home without. (Purse and license do not count.)

Cell phone

3. Where is one place you never tire of visiting?

Our State Fair. We stay the entire 2 weeks every single year, and I love it!

4. Share one factoid of your family's history.

Each of my children have one toenail on their right foot that grows crooked. They all have it on the exact same toe...their dad has the exact same thing. Not necessarily a factoid or family history, but it's all I could think of. ha.

5. Complete this sentence: "Once upon a time I ...."

I prayed I would find a big city man who would whisk me off to live life in the fast lane in the big city. You know the song that says "Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers"?  Yeah, that. :)

6. If you could win a one year's supply of anything, what would it be?

A live-in cook/maid. I would love to have my own "Alice". 

7. "One quirky thing you may not know about me is ...."

According to my family, I say certain words wrong. I say "cimmanon" and "ambliance", among others. They sound correct to me and no matter how hard I try, I can't say them the way they tell me I'm supposed to.

8. You have one dollar in your pocket. What will you buy?

Is there anything you CAN buy for just a dollar? LOL I guess I'd probably buy a can of diet coke.

9. "One thing that always makes me laugh is ...."

My husband. After almost 24 yrs together, he can still make me laugh like no one else can.

10. What is one thing you could do today to help yourself reach a personal goal?

Walking just a little bit further, and not let the fear of the pain stop me from doing it.

11. What is one thing you could do today to bless someone else?

I will get my husband an ice cream cake today for his birthday. He hates the idea of splurging on something so frivilous for himself, but he LOVES them and I know he'll love that I got one. :)

12. What is one thing you're looking forward to soon?

Summer!! (and the thought that I won't be having to be up at 6am every day)


sara said...

I think the toe nail fact goes under quirky!! :)

how is everyone feeling?

The Bug said...

Wow, you really ARE Lisa from Green Acres LOL. I had a brief time when I wanted to live in a city too. I didn't really think I'd ever get married, so there wasn't a man in my fantasy. But I like small town life (& my unexpected husband) just fine.

I need to quit letting pain keep me from walking too. I should just have a new mantra: if Dena can do it, so can you! My biggest problem is that I'm in a lot of extra pain after I exercise so I just avoid it altogether...