Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Thought Flu Season Was Over!?!

Yesterday was not one of the better days in our house. I should have seen it coming when I had a horrible time trying to sleep all night the night before. I take a pretty strong sleeping pill, so now sleep usually isn't the enemy it used to be. Sunday night was the exception.

I finally dozed off for a short time only to be awakened by the feeling I had wet the bed, but it went down my leg too. I turned on the flashlight application on my phone and let out a long string of "No! No! No!"s. One of the dogs had gotten sick on the bed - my side of the bed - and I had laid in it! G-R-O-S-S!

I yelled "We're selling the bed!"

Jay scurried out of bed and said "I'm sleeping in one of the girls' beds" and he left me there all alone.

I took a quick shower. Then I stripped the bed and was too tired to re-make it, so I grabbed a couple of blankets and tried again to go to sleep. Again, I managed to doze off for a short time, when Austin stood beside me and said "Mom, I'm sick" and he proceeded to prove it, without giving himself enough time to make it to the bathroom."

The poor kid had it really bad and I felt awful for him. Each time he would get sick it would happen almost immediately, which gave him no hope of making it to the bathroom. After 4 times of cleaning up after his attempts to get there, I finally handed him a small garbage can and he kept that by him the rest of the day.

You all need to understand that I hate the thought of vomiting more than just about anything. I will do anything in my power to avoid it at all cost, and now I have had to deal with cleaning it up 5 or 6 times in less than 12 hours. That's just wrong!

Once he stopped getting sick, the fever set in, and that's when I thought I'd lose my mind. He just could not get comfortable and I felt bad for him, but uff da kid...give your mama a break! As I tried to clean or do whatever I needed to do, I would get a text from Austin saying "I'm hot","I'm cold", "can you re-wet the wash cloth for my forehead", can I have more water", "can you open the window", "can you re-wet my washcloth", "can you close the window", "I'm hot", , etc...repeat, repeat, repeat. This happened every few minutes and went on for a few hours. Because of how much I love this kid, and knowing he felt so miserable, were the only things that kept me from taking him into town and dropping him off at someones doorstep.

Thankfully, around 11:00 last night he finally fell asleep, and he's still sleeping this morning. I'm hoping his fever broke during the night and that he might be able to keep some small amounts of food down today. Unfortunately, he has his last school concert of the year tonight and this means he won't be going, so that's a real bummer.

Oh, and as far as my not being able to sleep on Sunday night...Yesterday morning when I came out to the kitchen, I saw my sleeping pill still sitting on the counter. I guess it helps it work better if you actually take it.


The Bug said...

You're as bad as my husband. He has a lot of aches & pains (I've asked if he thought it might be FM, but most of his come from old injuries) & sometimes when he's in a LOT of pain I'll ask if he took his morning meds (Aleve). Doh!

Hope Austin feels better - & that you guys don't get what he had!

sara said...

poor kid!!! but poor YOU...that is a lot of vomit to clean up!!!

LOL on the sleeping pill, but maybe God was helping you out....you could have had vomit ALL over you if you never woke up!