Saturday, June 19, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 25

Wow...week 25 already. hard to believe we're almost halfway through the year already!!

Sunday - 6/ 13

This afternoon Jay took Austin to the PGA golf academy for the week. He has been looking forward to this for such a long time....the picture I made him stand and take before they left - not so much.

Monday - 6/14

This morning I went to my first Physical Therapy appointment. My therapist is nice, but lordy be he loves to inflict pain. :)

Tuesday - 6/15

Today Ashley & I met with the photographer she has chosen to do her wedding. Down payment has been paid so it's official...another item we can check off the list.

On a side note, Ashley was told by Lance that he is being moved to an undisclosed location and he will not be able to have any contact with her for at least the next 40 days. She of course was very upset by that  news, so I ask for your prayers of both courage and strength  for both her and for our son-in-law.

Wednesday - 6/16

Today I took Gabby back in to the vet. She's still having health issues and the Vet is working with top Vets that make medications and they are now putting her on a new antibiotic to see if that'll work. Our fingers are crossed. This is a picture of Gabby with her "cow". Yes, I's not a cow. Back when Gabby was a puppy, she had a small black and white cow she loved. Since then, she only responds to "Get your cow" no matter what her toy of the moment is. For a while now it's been her lamb. She carries it in her mouth everywhere like a child would carry a blanket.

Thursday - 6/17

I picked up Austin from golf camp this afternoon. We talked for a short while about how things went and then he reclined his seat. I turned on the radio and within less than a minute he was sound asleep and slept the rest of the way home. Then he came home and slept another couple of hours. To me that's the first sign of a successful camp. ha! Sorry for the bad angle of the photo. I took it while I was driving, so I just aimed the camera over my shoulder and did 3 shots. I never even saw if they turned out until after we got home and this was the best of the 3. The other two were mostly of my arm. LOL

Friday - 6/18
Severe thunderstorms came through one after another pretty much all day and into the evening.The advantage of living out in the country is that we can watch storms as they get closer, which gives us a heads up about how bad  they are likely to be.

 This is a shot as the front came through.

 Saturday - 6/19

My brother and his family are here and 2 of their children have to eat gluten free like I do.We ordered pizza for the rest of the family, and I made pizzas for my nephews and I. I used my favorite GF frozen crusts, which they have never tried. After just a  few bites, I was informed that this was the best pizza they had ever had. Yeah!

There you have it...another week on the farm. Head on over to Sara's to check out the other great pictures!


sara said...

You tell the physical therapist to be nice!!!

I will be praying for Ashley. But how exciting to get more details done for the wedding.

that is one tired boy!!!

great week!

Tori said...

I love the picture before camp. Oh the things we make our families do for our blogs!
I am sorry to hear of Lance's new orders. Will be praying for his safety and for Ashley during this time of "silence".
We had a lot of storms and rain here this week too. Never fun, but I do love the first picture and the way the sky looks!
Have a super week!!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

I'm so sorry about Ashley's husband being moved. I can't imagine how hard the next 40+ days will be on her! I will pray.

Love the cow. I mean, lamb. I mean, cow.

That storm front is both beautiful and ominous. Wow.

The Bug said...

I enjoyed this peek into your week. So sorry for Ashley - it's got to be SO stressful for her (& you)!

The storm pics are super cool - I love big sky pictures & if they have some menace in them even better. Of course I say that from over here in Ohio LOL.

McCrakensx4 said...

Wow those are some storms...we get a lot of dust storms and can see them coming! And my Colin was at camp last week too...he also came home very tired! And how exciting about the photographer...praying for your daugher and SIL.

Elizabeth said...

We had a really bad storm come through last week and we had lots of huge trees down all around.