Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding Planning

They say that wedding planning can be the most stressful time in a couples relationship and I firmly believe that's true....even when the couple happens to be the bride and her mother.

I'm not a "momzilla". You know the kind...they have their opinions on how things should be done and since they are paying for things, planning WILL be done their way. Or there's also the kind with no taste/trashy taste. I'm neither of those. As long as what Ashley wants isn't crazy out of budget, then whatever they decide is fine.

Problem - Ashley is HORRIBLE when it comes to make a decision. She really, really is, and she readily and whole-heartedly admits it. She just hates to make a decision. She's been like this since she was little. She'd put on one outfit for school and then go back and change...sometimes multiple changes. She always second guesses herself and worries it should have been done differently. We even tease her that we're surprised she actually was able to make the decision to accept Lance's proposal. lol

The public wedding and reception is about a year from now. I'm a planner by  nature, but people out there even have me beat. We are being amazed by how early places and people are being "reserved". I told her that the big items must be taken care of now, especially since they can't be overly flexible about the date, due to the window of when he'll be home on leave.

So far the church is reserved, the reception location is reserved, the photographer is reserved, the dj is reserved, and the hair salon is reserved (as if that's one thing that had to be done now??? lol, but she was in there getting  a haircut and booked them while she was there).

She has someone in mind to make the invitations, but hasn't contacted her yet. She thinks she knows where she'd like to hold the rehearsal supper, but hasn't booked that yet, and she thinks she knows what she'd like to do for the gift opening time the day after, but isn't sure where yet.

I am  not pushing her to decide colors, styles for dresses or hair, centerpieces, etc. All that can come later, but the above mentioned items are things that need to get done before they are booked as well. Then we can relax for a while.

Have you ever tried to push a rope? That's what it's like getting this girl to decide on anything. I asked her "most girls who are getting married are over the top excited and are actually making their mothers crazy because they want to plan everything right now. But you act like you maybe don't even want this wedding to happen. Are you excited?" Her response was "Very much so, I just hate having to decide everything. I want some to just say 'it's done' and we're done with it."

The funny thing is, after I push her to decide on something like the reception location, and I push her to set up the appt to meet with the contact person, and I drive her to meet with them, she always thanks me afterwards for doing that. She's happy I've been a "nag". lol

For her sake (as well as my sanity sake) I'll keep pushing her to get these last few "big" items taken care of and then we all can relax a bit and enjoy the summer. If not, I'll  just make sure I keep the ibuprofin on stand-by. :)


The Bug said...

You know, for my own wedding almost 20 years ago, I think my mom & my bridesmaids did most of the planning. I just could have cared less. They knew my taste & Mike & I wrote the service - & that's all I cared about LOL. Probably drove my mother crazy when she would ask me something & I would say oh I don't care - whatever you think. Poor woman. Too bad I can't apologize to her now!

Debbie said...

Wow! I am just amazed by how much more detailed things are than when I got married. Even the small weddings run into A LOT of planning these days. I'm afraid when my daughter ever gets married, we'll forget something OR get it all out of order. LOL!

Dena said...

Ashley says its not that she doesn't care, she just can't decide. Makes me crazy! lol

Debbie, I'm sure you'll do great. So far I'm just breaking it down by day (rehearsal, rehearsal supper, before, during & after wedding, reception, gift opening) We're looking at what "big" decisions have to be made (ie: photographer) for the different days, and the rest will be much easier...I hope. lol