Saturday, July 03, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 26 & 27

I am back after missing last weeks post. I had a really bad flare that had me in bed for several days and I just wasn't up to it. I did have a picture for every day (even those I was down), but I didn't the energy to put them in a post. So, here is 2 weeks worth of pictures for your enjoyment. :)

Sunday - 6/20

My brother and his family & my dad came up for the day to golf in a Fathers Day tournament together with Jay and Austin. While the guys were golfing, Chelsea played Wii with her cousins and I visited with my sister-in-law. 

Monday - 6/21

I took a walk today and took time to really notice how nicely the corn is growing...which is good since we have a wedding to pay for! lol

Tuesday - 6/22

WE HAVE WATER! Our well is finally finished! I can't tell you how excited we were to use real dishes, glasses & silverware again. Oh the luxuries we take for granted.

Wednesday - 6/23

Niece Jenna has a wonderful opportunity to attend a very intensive dance academy in New York starting next week that will run for 10 days. While in NY, the dancers will attend a Broadway production, as well as 3 gala events, for which formal dress is required. Since Jenna has just finished 8th grade, she doesn't have any formal dresses. Luckily for her she wears the same size as her twin cousins, so she had many dresses to choose from. Tonight she and my sister-in-law came over to try on the different dresses we have and to select which ones she'll take.

Thursday - 6/24

We took our camper over to the lake and this time we were able to snag a camping spot with a front row view of the lake. Score!


 Friday - 6/25
We have a small memo board on our refrigerator and if Jay has any errands he'd like me to do for him, or anything else I can do to help him, he writes it on this board. Today when I went to get a bottle of water I saw a sweet surprise on the board.

Saturday - 6/26

Austin took this picture for me....and it's a familiar sight around our place....Tucker terrorizing the minis. He loves to chase them and tug on their tails. If only they knew that one quick kick would stop him. lol

 Sunday - 6/27

Jay took this picture for me. Every year there is a day long outdoor festival called "Big Country Bash". Eight up and coming new country music artists/groups perform at this event. It's a lot of fun and my girls have gone for the past 3 years and they look forward to it every year. What makes it even more fun is that many of their friends also go, so it's a great time. This year Austin went for the first time. This is a picture of Austin and his cousin Jordan and their girlfriends as they waited for their ride to pick them up. They met up with Ashley & Chelsea and all rode together.

Monday - 6/28

This has been my bed/office/hospital/movie theater for the past few days.Today I finally left this room for the first time other than to get a drink or use the restroom. I even managed to take a shower, which felt great!

Tuesday - 6/29

Spa day for the dogs

Wednesday - 7/1

Spa day for me!

Thursday - 7/1

I bought a new pocket-sized digital camera today. We have a large, full-sized Sony with interchangeable lenses, and I LOVE that camera and still plan to use it a lot. But, I wanted a small one that I could keep in my purse to always have on hand. My phone takes decent photos considering it IS a phone, but well, you know...

Friday - 7/2

I came up from the basement to find Ashley like this. When I asked what she was doing, she said that she had been on facebook, but then Lance texted her, so she was texting him. I laughed and said "that still doesn't explain why your laying on the island". She sat up and said "I have no idea how that happened".  lol

Saturday - 7/3

One of our outdoor farm cats had kittens recently, and this morning when Jay came back from doing chores, he found the mother had moved the kittens to our little patio. We're guessing it was cooler here than wherever she had them originally. There are just the 3and all look just like mommy. Chelsea found an old towel in the garage and put that under them so it'd be softer.

That's our past 2 weeks. I hope you have had great weeks as well. Be sure to visit Sara's through the link in the side bar to check out other project 365 pictures!


sara said...

the sight of the corn growing is one I miss from IN!!!

We have a friend whose daughter is at a dance academy in NY too. I'll bet they are at the same one!

I miss camping.

love the picture of the dog chasing the horse!

so glad you are feeling better!!!

happy 4th!

The Bug said...

I love the animal pics - silly puppy chasing the horse & those kittens! Ashley on the island is pretty hysterical - I used to do stuff like that back when I was limber.

We're enjoying our vacation - but really Dr. M is a ball of nerves leaving his garden. This is our first year of having one so we're nervous!

I really hope you have a better week this week!

H-Mama said...

Can I come stay with you for a week? The country life sounds tempting 'bout now. My Gracie would nurture all of the animals, Nator would take good care of you, while I ran any errands. Great deal, yes? ;)

Hope you are feeling much better now. Love your pix. Yes... so many things we take for granted.

Kim said...

Hope you start feeling better soon! Great job on keeping up with the photos though! Better than I did :(

Funny about how Ashley had no idea how she ended up on the counter -- must have been a mesmerizing text "conversation" LOL

Have a great week!

Tori said...

So glad you're feeling better! You were missed last week!!
Your niece looks lovely and I love that she is in a dancers pose for the picture.
Yeah for running water, great messages from husbands and a camp spot with a view! And of days! The shot of you is very mysterious!
Ashley on the counter is hilarious! And that she explained what she was doing and didn't realize what you referring to is even more funny!
Have a super week!!

skoots1mom said...

what great pics...thx 4 sharing w/ the dry erase board ;)
...and teens wonder why we don't want them texting while driving

Rebecca Jo said...

So many great pictures..

Laughing at the doggie chasing the mini... yep, one good kick - OUCH!

Water... how do we take it for granted!

Glad there is someone else with that same thin size with beautiful dresses.

Those kittens looks so adorable. At first, I was thinking it was panda bears with all that black & white.

He & Me + 3 said...

The corn at our little garden site is growing well too. I wish now that we had planted some. That picture of the puppy chasing the mini horse was too cute. You had a full and fun week. Love the new camera too.

rita said...

So glad you're back, and I'm back too so I can visit you! So sorry you've been so unwell :(
We took a picture of the corn with Amaia standing next to it so her parents could see how tall the corn is here already. Not so over there.
The counter material and color looks just like ours.

Love the eye photo ;)


Kelly said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. Your pictures always make me smile so much. Your kids, your husband and your home always so happy.