Saturday, July 10, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 28

We had quite a fun week this week, with many different activities going on! Guess that explains why I'm so tired...ha!

Sunday - 7/4

It poured all day and night, so all 4th of July plans had to be cancelled. No camping. No jetskiing. No fireworks.

Monday - 7/5

Today we went to a parade that was postponed from yesterday due to all the rain. We stopped for Subway after the parade with some good friends of ours. Their youngest daughter just LOVES "Uncle Jay". She loves to pick on him and the reason I think she loves him so much is that he gives it right back to her. LOL

Tuesday  - 7/6

Chelsea fell asleep on the couch last night and when she woke up, she decided to just grab a sleeping bag out of the closet rather than having to go all the way downstairs to her room (as if it's a mile hike? lol). This morning she regretted that decision, because when the dogs and I got up, she was awakened with demands to cuddle with her whether she liked it or not.

Wednesday - 7/7

Friends of ours have a cedar sauna that they have read is great for people with Fibromyalga, so they brought it over for me to try it out for a couple of weeks. My biggest issue so far is that I'm very clausterphobic, but I'm getting better with it - slowly. lol

Thursday - 7/8

There is no Marine base located in Iowa, so when Ashley needs to get regulation items for Lance, she goes to the Army National guard base which is about 15 min from her campus apartment. If they don't have what she needs, they order it for her. I wanted to see the base, so she let me go along with her. It was really interesting to see all the buildings and machinery.

These little buildings are the soldiers small apartments. There were tons of these located around the grounds.

Friday - 7/9

A young girl from our church, Amanda, who is 5, was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. Today she is a cancer survivor and her family put together a team for the local Relay For Life event held this evening. Members from our church did a marching routine that included cadences and of course ended with people getting wet. Chelsea was a part of the team.

This first picture is of Ashley with Amanda.You can read more about little Amanda HERE.

This next picture is of the group marching. Chelsea is in the front row on the far side.

After the marching was done, the group released butterflies that people purchased in honor of, or memory of someone who had battled cancer. This picture shows Ashley & Chelsea releasing our butterflies. It was very moving!

Saturday - 7/10

Jay and I went out for supper and I had Bruschetta chicken & pasta. It was very yummy!

I hope you all had an awesome week! Head over to Sara's to check out other pics as well!!


sara said...

the dogs look very happy even if she is not! ha!

didn't know that those saunas were portable. I am praying it helps!!

we released butterflies for my Aunt in april. very special!!

great week!

The Bug said...

I LOVE saunas like that! It was always my favorite part of going to my mom's spa (the treadmill was my least favorite part - ha!).

I often come out in the morning & find Dr. M asleep on the futon. He will wake up in the night & then lay down there instead of coming back to bed. I'm not sure it's an actual conscious decision :)

Tori said...

I think the dogs were happy she stayed on the couch!
The sauna sounds great! Prayerfully it will help.
What a neat thing your church group did. It's one thing to have a team, but to get creative too! What a blessing and celebration for that sweet little girl!!
Have a super week!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Very cute picture of the sleeping girl child and the doggies!

It seems that all my girl child does these day is sleep. but isn't that what being a teenage is all about except when something more fun or more interesting come along that is.


Joyce said...

My favorite picture is Chelsea and the dogs. She didn't need no sleeping bag... she should have just called the dogs! They look like they could have kept her warm! lol

rita said...

Quite a week! Tiring but GOOD!
I enjoyed catching up with you and your family.