Sunday, July 18, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 29

This has been a busy week because it's our last full week before our County Fair. The camper has to be cleaned and stocked, the pigs are checked, weighed and bathed, and food prepared and frozen to take a long. As the week goes on, the excitement for the fair builds, but so does my exhaustion. I'm sorry I haven't made it around to check out other 365 pics from this past week. This week has taken so much out of me that there's been no energy left for much else. I may not even get this post linked up this week either...or if I do, it might be late. We're working hard on packing the camper up this evening.

Sunday - 7/11

Today was our 23rd Anniversary. We went out for supper last night to celebrate because Jay and Austin went out of town this evening. They will stay in a hotel tonight, as Austin is in his final Jr. PGA tournament of the season tomorrow at a course that is 3 hours away.

Monday - 7/12

I made it (for the first time) the full 30 minutes in the sauna without having to open the door (due to my claustrophobia). This first shot shows that I have 5 min left, and the temp it was inside. Hot, hot, hot!

This glamorous looking lady is me of course. You can't really tell in this picture, but I am literally dripping sweat off my body. My hair was soaked around the edges, and notice how my glasses were slid down? I was sweating so much that they wouldn't stay up. lol

Tuesday - 7/13

My yumalicious lunch! I love a good salad, full of veggies, and topped off with a little cheese and grilled chicken.

Wednesday 7/14

We saw the most beautiful sunset on the way home tonight. It's things like this that explains why I wanted a small camera to keep in my purse. Unfortunately, I used the small camera earlier in the day and forgot to put it back in my purse, so I had to use my phone to get this shot. It doesn't even come close to showing how gorgeous it was. Thankfully this is farm country, so there aren't a lot of trees or buildings along this route to block our view, which meant we got to watching it changing and getting more and more breathtaking all the way home.

Thursday - 7/15

Looks like someone will be having her babies very soon! Our other farm cat that had the 3 black and white kittens has gotten super tame now and lets us hold her as well as her babies. This mother cat has already become really tame, which I'm hoping continues because I want to get them all spayed/neutered. There are so many wild cats running around as it is (or people who end up with unwanted kittens so they dump them at farms), that I want to do my part to keep that number down.

Friday - 7/16

I didn't get  a picture at all today, so I thought I'd share one that Ashley shared with me this week that was sent to her by Lance. Our son-in-law Lance is 2nd from the left, and the other 4 guys will all be a part of the renewal of vows ceremony next Summer. This was apparently taken in May shortly after they arrived in Afghanistan. They have since all been split up and sent in different directions. It is our daily prayer that they all make it home safely.

Saturday - 7/17

I was running a few last minute errands and stopped for a quick bite to eat. See the soda spilled on the floor. Yep, that would be mine. The poor girl that got stuck mopping it up wasn't too happy with me, and neither were the 3-4 other people who got soda splashed on their legs, even though I apologized over and over. I'm guessing that's not one of the ways to "Win Friends and Influence People".   :-/


There you have it...our pre-fair week. I will probably miss next weeks posting because of being at the fair, but I'm going try to post photos during the week as it goes along. Not sure it'll happen, but I'll definitely try. Head on over to Sara's through the link in the side bar to see more pictures from this week!


Tori said...

You look gorgeous in that first picture! Love you in blue!
Good for you fr making it through a whole sauna session. Prayerfully you are feeling results.
That picture of Lance and his buddies is great and moving. Thanks for posting it to remind me to be continually praying for our service men and women.
Have a great time this week! BTW, how exactly does one bathe a pig?! :)

sara said...

happy anniversary! mine is this week!

can wait to see shots of the fair!

so is the sauna working? does it help you feel better?

RaD said...

Nice spill on the floor. Looks like something I would do. In fact one time at a sports stadium I couldn't get my water bottle open. When I got it open I must have squeezed the bottle because cold water spilled on the man behind me. He was so mad! At least it was only water :0)

Kim said...

I can relate to the last photo since I'm the one in the family who is always spilling things. It was never the kids who made a mess whenever we'd go out to eat -- they left that up to mom :)
Have a wonderful Fair week!

rita said...

I love the anniversary photo! Congratulations!
And, oh, the sunset, and the salad, yum, and the sauna--ouch!
Lord, keep Lance.
Have a wonderful time at the fair!

The Bug said...

I'm still jealous of the sauna - although when we opened our garage this afternoon I thought I could just sit in there & have the same effect. Have you noticed whether or not it's helping? I'm really curious - because I wonder if it would help with arthritis too.

Have fun at the fair!

skoots1mom said...

praying for Lance...
my nephew has served twice in iraq and is home now...
hv a gr8 week!

Dena said...

As far as the sauna...I can see it helping for the general flu-like aches and pains that FMS causes when it's cold, but when I'm in extreme pain, I prefer hopping into our hot tub and getting almost immediate relief. With the sauna it takes a while for it to heat up.

Tori...I'll get pictures of the kids washing their pigs when they do it again the day before the show. :)

Dena said...

Thank you all for the continued prayers for Lance and the other men and women serving. They are greatly appreciated!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Can't wait to hear about the County Fair. I know this sounds corny, but my first thought when I read your description of preparing for the Fair was...Charlotte's Web. I know, I know! I'm such a dork. But it really does sound like something from a story book. I hope to see lots of pictures!!

Sorry about the soda spillage. :(