Monday, August 23, 2010

The Morning After

We made it home from the State Fair yesterday evening, got attacked by some very excited dogs, relaxed for a bit, and as we sat there, we realized that we were all so tired that we could barely see straight, so we all went to bed early.

This morning the alarm went off at 6:30. Ugh! It's the first time the alarm has been set that early since early in June on the last day of school. I got Austin off on his first day of school, Jay back to work, and then I sat in a very quiet house. A very, very quiet house. I forgot how quiet it is when I'm the only one home.

As I sat in the living room with only my thoughts to keep me company (our dogs are not morning people either, so they were still sleeping), I started to reflect on the past few weeks.

The week before our county fair (the week of 7/12) I committed to being 100% gluten-free. I also committed to being as close to sugar free as I could be (not including natural sugars like fruit). I will allow myself the occasional treat though (what's life without a treat now and then?). I committed to no Aspartame. I now only drink diet coke with Splenda, crystal light or plain water. I committed to no MSG. If I buy frozen meals, they are all natural only. I committed to eating as close to all-natural (all the time) as I can be.

Those have not been easy choices, but as time has gone on, they have gotten easier. I am not thinking of it as a diet, but a total lifestyle change. I'll worry about weight loss later - one step at a time.

Back to my reflections....

This is my 6th week with my new eating lifestyle. The state fair was a real challenge. Most things there are breaded and fried. It'll be much easier now that we're at home again. While it was a challenge, it was doable and that was a positive for me.

"Ruby" my scooter did great! She made it up and down the steepest hills several times day without fail. She struggled at times with the thick mud leading up to our camper, but everyone struggled with that. She helped me go with friends from building to building from shop to shop, from show to show, all the while having so much fun.

My pain levels were better. I only had 2 "bad" days when I had flares. The day after a flare is always a recover kind of day, which usually involves me sleeping a lot. So in essence I had 4 down days. 4 out of 12 is so much better than I have ever had before, and so much better than I ever expected to have.

My energy level was pretty good. Most days I did get tired, but a nap of about an hour or so and I was good to go again. Most nights I was up past 11:00. The days the kids showed I was up early, but other than that I was able to sleep in until 8 or 9am.

I am having some major digestion issues, which I have heard can happen to some people when they go gluten-free. It's enough of an issue that I am researching what to do about it as soon as possible.

Over all the past month has been really good all things considered. I have to attribute it to the new way of eating. There is nothing else that is different, nothing.

I am praying so hard that it's the eating. I don't want to think that it's due to the summer weather. If that's the case, that means it's going to end. The thought of enduring another Winter like last year and the intensity of the pain I had brings me to tears.

For now, I am choosing to think positive and believe that it's not weather related. I will continue to eat and drink the way I have been. I will continue to do small amounts of daily exercise, and I will continue to do my meditating and reflecting.

And who knows.....maybe tomorrow there will be another new positive benefit. :)


The Bug said...

I hope it's the eating too - since you can totally control that.

Joyce said...

I am soooo glad your fair days went so well. I worried about you and prayed for you! Thanks for posting this. It is nice to read how YOU did. Praying for Lance! xoxo