Saturday, August 28, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 35

This week will have the last of the fair pictures, as this past Sunday was the last day. It's always sad when it's over, because for us that sort of signals the end of Summer. Austin's back in school and we're back into a routine now, which is nice, but still...I miss the lazy days of Summer already.

Sunday - 8/22

Since this is the last day of the fair, we always have certain traditions that we do on that last day, including riding the skygliders. I however am terrified of heights, so I stay below and watch. The first picture is of Austin and his girlfriend, who spent the day with us. The 2nd picture is of Ashley and Chelsea, and then poor Jay rides by himself...which as you can see, he spends his time on there wisely. lol

The fair can (and usually does) get exhausting. Catching a quick cat nap on occasion is usually welcomed.

Seemingly though, all too quickly it's over. The girls started packing up their stuff as they would leave the fair and head back to their colleges. It's a sad day for all of us as we always have so much fun together.

Monday - 8/23

First day of his junior year in high school. As you can see, he just loves taking this picture every year. LOL

Tuesday - 8/24

At the state fair they have a big building where area businesses have booths you can tour and look at their products and/or services. We stopped in at an exercise equipment place and ended up buying an X-Ride. The easiest way to describe it, is like using an elliptical, only you're sitting down. It's something I am able to use right now as I try to build my strength back up. We picked it up today and tonight Jay got it set up.

Wednesday - 8/25

Tucker went back to the vet today because his itching just isn't getting better with the Benedryl they had us try. Plus, before leaving to go he smacked his head on something. I have no clue what, but he ended up with a small gash on his head and a golf-ball sized goose egg. He seriously is just like having a toddler in the house.

Thursday - 8/26

Ashley doesn't actually start classes until next week, and she had the day off from work, so today she came home to wrap another package to send to Lance in Afghanistan. He mentioned to her that a couple of the other guys hadn't received a single thing over there yet, so bless her heart, she quickly packed up a couple of other boxes so they could each get one too.

This afternoon we went to Austin's first cross country meet of the season. He came in 5th to last because he rolled his ankle around the 1 mile mark. I was proud of him for finishing the race, even though he was hurting.  He was still limping a little bit the next day, but is better now.

Friday - 8/27

Austin's girlfriend came home to our place after they were both finished with cross country practice. She stayed for supper and then they headed to the football game.

Saturday - 8/28

Austin & I went to the local farmers market and I was like a kid in a candy shop! My fridge is now full of lots of fresh veggies and fruits. It smells so good in there!

That's our week! Be sure to head over to Sara's through the link in the side bar to see more 365 pictures!


sara said...

your fair pictures are so much fun. I love what a great tradition it is in your family.

school and college....ugh!

I would like to know what you think of X-ride after you have used it for a while.

how does a dog smack his head that hard on something....don't you wonder what he was doing?

love the farmers market and am so sad when it closes for the winter.

great week!

Kelly said...

I love looking at your pictures every week. You can never stop doing this!

Kim said...

That farmer's market looks fabulous! We don't have anything like that in our city, which makes me very sad. I'm hoping we can get our garden in soon because I am CRAVING the taste of fresh tomatoes!
How sweet of Ashley to put together boxes for the other guys too.
Poor Tucker. Had to laugh at your comment about him being like a toddler :)
The X-ride looks like an instrument of torture. LOL But hopefully it will help you build your strength up.
Have a great week!

skoots1mom said...

wonderful pics...
i love fairs
ours will be the 2nd week in September...such fun!
those pies look yummy!
have a blessed week...

The Bug said...

This looks like a great week. I'm interested to hear how your exercise machine works for you.

Tori said...

The fair has taken up a good share of your summer! Thanks for sharing that with us. Your new fitness equipment sounds great. Hope it is helpful!
The farmers market shots are great! I bet you will be making some yummy things at your house.
Have a super week!!

McCrakensx4 said...

look at that farmers market and those pumpkins...wish we had that here. and bummer about Austin's ankle but what a trooper to finish the race. I am sure that everyone receiving care packages felt so loved...what a tender heart your daughter has.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I did not get my 365 up until the very end of the day!

The fair sounded so fun! I am not a fan of heights either so I would have been watching from a safe and stationary place as well!

That farmers market looked amazing. I am probably headed to the H mart for fresh veggies, that is a close as i can come to a farm stand round these parts!