Sunday, September 05, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 36

Another week has come and gone. Is it me, or are they going faster and faster? So glad I have been a part of this project to document things I might otherwise have forgotten. I have more than one picture for most days this week, because, just wouldn't do. lol

Sunday - 8/29

A couple in our community celebrated their 50th anniversary today. The woman's dress was to be hung up and on display during the open house, however, to surprise the woman they decided to find someone to wear her dress instead. Problem was finding someone who was tiny enough in the waist to fit in the dress.They talked to Chelsea, and thankfully it fit her! The woman was so pleasantly surprised when Chelsea came walking out in her wedding dress! The husband told me that he instantly felt like he was sent back in time seeing Chelsea in the dress. I helped Chelsea get dressed, and my hands were a crumpled, cramped up mess by the time I got done putting the tiny loop around 50+ tiny buttons all the way up the back of the dress. There were some that went up the sleeves to the elbows too. Oy!

Monday - 8/30

My mother (AKA: The organizing Queen) came up to help me make sense of my hopelessly disorganized pantry. In the first picture she is looking through some of the items, and the second picture shows the finished pantry. I made taco soup for us to have for lunch and you can find the recipe for it HERE. It was super easy and absolutely delish!

Tuesday - 8/31

Today I made some gluten free cupcakes and brownies. yum! Jay devoured the brownies. :)

Wednesday - 9/1

Kitty Co-Op! These two mother cats had litters just a week or so apart. They put their litters together and have been sharing mommy duties ever since. In the first picture, one nurses while the other grooms.

Then they switched. The orange cat finished the nursing while the black/white cat finished the grooming. What a great system, and how adorable those baby kitties are! 

 Thursday - 9/2

I changed up the theme/decorations in the guest bathroom (which is also my bathroom). I change them every season, so that meant that sadly I had to put the summer decorations away.

Friday - 9/3

Tonight was the first home game for our high school football team. Austin and the rest of the band performed before the game and at half-time. He is a co-lead trumpet player so he is front and center. Makes it much easier to find him for pictures. lol

The band also sits together in the stands and plays during the game after touchdowns. We won the game 42-0, so they played a lot! lol

Jay was a substitute for one of the "chain gang" guys who couldn't make it to the game. At one point he was just standing there with his hands in his pockets and I sent him a text that said "Don't over work yourself lol" and he replied back and said "I am working hard. I'm eye candy for all the ladies". What a goof! LOL

Saturday - 9/4

Today Jay and I took off to go to the Des Moines downtown farmers market. I have more info and pictures posted HERE. I found out about this last year, but I was just not in a healthy position to be able to go at that time, and this year it just hasn't worked out until now. It is a full 4+ blocks long and more like a celebration with food vendors and live music. I was excited to make it to a smaller, more local farmers market last week, and today I was like a kid in a candy store!

Head over to Sara's through the link in the sidebar to see more pictures from this week!


The Bug said...

Wow - that wedding dress is gorgeous! So elegant. I'll bet those buttons were a pain.

I am planning on trying your taco soup recipe - I saw it the other day & bookmarked it for later. Do you think it would be ok with chicken?

Those cats are so resourceful! Too bad we can't all act like that - after all it really does take a village :)

LOVE your bathroom!

sara said...

so....does your mom hire out? :) I would love for someone to organize my crazy pantry!

so funny about the cats....however, very smart!

So happy it is marching band season again!!!

Tori said...

What a special event for Chelsea to wear the dress for! I can only imagine how the couple must have felt.
I think your mom did a great job!
Your bathroom looks great! What a super fun idea to change it every season.
That market looks amazing! I bet you found some great, fresh things there.
Have a super week!!

McCrakensx4 said...

That dress is beautiful...we did that with my mom's dress for my parent's 25th wedding anniversary. That farmer's market looks so fresh and it and I really like the pic of Austin in the stands playing his trumpet! Yay on the win...we had 2 wins this weekend as well! And yay for a clean and organized mom always comes over to help me anytime I need to organize something too!

Dena said...

The original recipe for the taco soup called for ground beef, turkey, bison, or ostrich. I'm guessing with that kind of variety, ground chicken would be just fine. :)

Kelly said...

Another week of great pictures. The mama cat story is fascinating. Thanks, again, for sharing.

Debbie said...

Your pictures of the Farmer's Market made me want to cook something really healthy, but I'm afraid to open my pantry after seeing your well organized pantry. I want to wish you and your family a very safe and blessed Labor day!!!

Joyce said...

I look forward to your bathroom changes. I'm weird, I guess. Or I need a more exciting life. lol!
Great week of pictures! Take care of yourself and don't overdo it this week! ;D

He & Me + 3 said...

I love the farmers market.
Yum to the cupcakes and brownies too.
Your pantry is so organized. I'm impressed.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

What a wonderful honor for Chelsea to be able to wear her dress. And how special for the lady and her husband. Great story.

Cats are so weird, but this just might be the craziest thing I've ever heard of. Sweet. But crazy. ;)

Gotta love high school marching band. I played piccolo!

Farmer's market is just the best. I just DREAD winter when I can't go shop outdoors for all that yummy local produce!

rita said...

Hi, Dena! I haven't visited Green Acres in a long time. So good to come back and tho' it is not 'green' it is beautiful!
Loved everything in this post:
The wedding dress idea (never heard before), except for the buttons! Wow, reminds me of helping with a brides dress in Mexico, sewing on buttons, eighty+ (Imagine wedding night ;)
The recipe looks yummy, I printed it.
The mama-kittys--what a team! Quite an example, especially coming from cats, usually so self-centered!
And the organized pantry, over the top!