Saturday, September 11, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 37

Another week has come and gone, let me tell you, I think this is my most exciting week of pictures yet. You are about to see just how much of a high society, jet-setting life we live. lol

Sunday - 9/5

Time to give "Ruby" a much needed bath.

Monday - 9/6

Ashley texted me from work because she was bored. She works at an assisted living facility and after the residents go to bed, she has 3-4 hrs with nothing to do. Normally she does homework, but she didn't have any tonight. We got silly and played a little game with our phones. She would take a picture of something there (non-medical related) and I would try to find something our house that was the same. Then I'd do the same to her. She sent me a sunset picture and I sent the same back to her and I said "Guess what, we have the same sunset you do." Her honest response was "Really?"    LOL

Tuesay - 9/7

This is a shot showing Jay's softer side. He saw one of the baby kittens sitting in the middle of the horse pen and he was afraid one of the horses would step on it, so he rescued the little guy and took him back to the garage. aaawww.

Wednesday - 9/8

Carpet shampooing company came today, and they also did the upholstery. We didn't want the dogs to get on the furniture until it was completely dry so they were facing the wall with stuff around them. It's a nice look don't you think? :-P

Thursday - 9/9

Austin had another cross country meet, and our nephew Jacob who is in junior high ran also. I tried to get a picture of Jacob, but as you can see, it didn't work out so well. That's him (or should I say, half of him) just going out of the frame. I just caption this one as "Jacob is so fast I couldn't even capture him on film." lol

Friday - 9/10

Ringo helped me put up the decorations for our ISU vs UI party we're having tomorrow. It started out that we just invited 2 couples over to watch the big rivalry game (Iowa's "superbowl"), and it evolved to lots of our friends coming over. It'll be a lot of fun, even though I'll probably have to take a break in the action to lay down for a bit.

Saturday - 9/11


This is another one our decorative areas we had set up. I have pictures on top of the big dog kennel, and for the seasons I add in other items as well. For the game I also put up the #1 finger and the little cheerleader.

I'll have lots of pictures from game day, but I know it'll be late before I get to bed and I'm guessing I won't be up too early, which means I'd be very late posting these. Therefore, I'll plan to have this post on Saturday night and I'll link up later. I'll try to get game day pics up ASAP. :)


sara said...

you are so funny!

I need to have my furniture cleaned too!

so hard to get a good picture of kids running by!!

great use of the dog kennel!! :)

hope your team won this weekend!

The Bug said...

Looks like a fun week. I like the game you & Ashley were playing - too funny about the sunset.