Saturday, September 25, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 39

It was Homecoming week, which meant a busy, fun week full of sports and other activities almost every evening, and of course the dance last night.

Sunday - 9/19

A sight I don't like to see - Geese heading south. :-(

Monday - 9/20

Austin had another cross country meet. Thankfully, it was one of the few nice afternoons/evenings without rain.

Tuesday - 9/21

Our Satellite box/DVR combo died and the new one arrived today, much to my delight. I had forgotten how torturous it can be to have to sit through every single commercial! lol

Wednesday - 9//22

While I'm not a huge fan of rainy, yucky days, I am a big fan of beautiful sunsets they can sometimes leave behind.

Thursday - 9/23

Tonight was the Homecoming King and Queen coronation ceremony and the band played the school song. That's Austin in the white hat playing his trumpet.

Friday - 9/24

HOMECOMING! The band did a pre-game show and an tribute to Elvis for the half-time show. They sounded great!

After the game, the kids got ready for the dance. This is Austin with his girlfriend. Their first date was last year for the homecoming dance, so they have now been dating for a year. She really is a sweet girl and she calls me "Mama Dena". lol

Saturday - 9/25

Our passports arrived today! Ashley already has her from her trip to Spain in high school (although she did have to get a new one with her married name), but the rest of us didn't have them. The last time Jay & I went to the Bahamas (for our honeymoon) you just had to show your birth certificate, a passport wasn't needed. Times do change. 

That was our week! How was yours? Go visit Sara's through the link in the sidebar to see other pictures!


Esthermay said...

...I've always loved watching the geese head south--> gives me a sense of cozy-settling in for the winter. (Call me a crazy home-body) lol! Nice shot!

LOVE LOVE LOVE! that photo of the sunset. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Our rain this last week didn't leave us with such beauty...

"MamaDena" that's special. They make a cute couple. Love the matching lavender and violet:)

YEA!! Passports!

McCrakensx4 said...

Love the purple for the cute homecoming couple. Hope they had fun. Our homecoming is this week! Beautiful sunsets...that is the nice thing about living in AZ..the sunsets over the mountains are breathtaking. Have fun on your vaca..not at all jealous (ok, maybe a little!)

The Bug said...

That sunset is gorgeous. I'm sad to see the birds heading south too - NOT looking forward to winter (um, Dana, you have three months until winter LOL).

Tori said...

That sunset is breath taking! Just beautiful!!
I miss our DVR. It is so nice being able to skip the commercials, isn't it?
The kids looks great. They do make a lovely couple.
Hooray for passports!!
Have a great week!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Ha! DOWN with commercials!!!!!

Oh, that sunset picture is just stunning. Praise the Lord who paints the sky more beautiful than any human could possibly ever imagine. Wow.

Austin's girlfriend is cute!!

Passports. Where ya goin'?

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Sunset!!! AMAZING!!!

Yea! Passports! Y'all planning a trip?

The DD is making plans for a shopping trip for a dress for Homecoming, her first homecoming! Very exciting round here!