Friday, October 15, 2010

Brag Alert

I have failed so miserably at the Project 365 in recent weeks. I've been in a bad flare that lets up for a day or two and then I'm right back in bed. Since I haven't participated in 3 weeks, I have felt terribly guilty...and therefore avoided coming here.

However, it is what it is and since I can't change it, I'll just move on. :)

One thing that really made my rough day better was reading this in the school announcements this past Wednesday:

Other Announcements:
Congratulations to our 2010-2011 New National Honor Society members:
Anna XXXX, Taylor XXXXX, Kacey XXXXX, Paiton XXXX, Austin Heeren & Rachel XXXX. 
We are so proud of him! He's a pretty mellow kid (just like his dad) and he never acts excited, so when he told
us about it the day before it was along the lines of "Oh, by the way. I'm a new member of the National Honor
Society". As if he were saying "I'm going to take my truck in to get an oil change." 
Austin is a very good student.He's always been very concientious about getting his homework done right away,
whereas Jay & I were the type who decided at 10pm on Sunday night that we better get to our homework
done that was due on Monday morning. lol
Ashley & Chelsea were/are good students as well, but they have had to work at it, whereas Austin just has
it come so easy to him. Jay and I on the other hand worked at it (well, maybe not so much) and were 
average students.
hhhmmm....I wonder if Austin was switched at birth and he's not our biological child. That would explain
why he's so good at school and so easily, because he sure didn't get it from us. Thankfully he looks just like
his dad, so  yea, he's ours. lol 

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The Bug said...

I was gonna say that unless Jay has a twin, then Austin is yours. Congrats!

P.S. Don't sweat about the 365 - and come here for commiseration - we can't pray for you if we don't know what's going on.