Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hello, Dear Blog

Well hello there dear blog. I have to admit I had forgotten about you for a while. I missed you, I really did, but life got in the way and there never seemed to be enough time.

But I'm back now dear blog, and my plan is to make you more of a priority because you really can be therapeutic, as well as enjoyable.

So what's all been going on? Let's see if I can fill you in:

Ashley decided to not be on the college dance team any longer, and Chelsea decided to not be on the college equestrian team any longer. Both feel their classes are getting harder now that they are juniors and they want to allow more time for studying. I totally get that dear blog, but I have to admit that I do miss watching them entertain and/or compete. I've been watching them do that since they were in dance class at age 4. It tugs at my heart knowing that chapter has closed. At the same time I am so proud of them for wanting to work hard to achieve their goals.

Austin has really blossomed this past year. The shy introverted kid he has always been is opening up, and sometimes it shocks us. We hear that he is liked by all his teachers and can be pretty funny when with his friends. Even when at home, he'll start doing this slow-paced goofy dance when a good song comes on the radio. It cracks me up.

As you know dear blog, he was recently accepted into the National Honor Society and we thought we couldn't be more proud of him.

Then he came home the other day and said he had the lead in the school play. To say our jaws dropped is an understatement. He had told us he wasn't going to try out for the play. He didn't. The young man who had the lead quit the play for whatever reason and with only 3 weeks left until the play, the co-directors scrambled to find someone they thought could handle the challenge of learning over 110 lines in 3 short weeks. Austin was told he was their first choice. As he put it "Mom, they were like begging me. How could I say no to that?" What a good boy.

The rest of the kids in the play have been practicing for a month already, so most have their lines learned. I told Austin that if he ever wanted me to run lines with him, I'd be happy to do that. He really shot me down dear blog. His exact words were "Thanks, but K said she'd do it". K is his girlfriend. Okay then.

Fortunately for Austin, he is excellent when it comes to memorizing. Within 2 days he had the entire first scene memorized, and there are 5 scenes total. He doesn't seen frazzled by the challenge at all, and I have no doubt he'll do amazing!

There have been other things going on dear blog, such as getting my very first tattoo, trying new recipes, doctor visits, etc, etc. But I'll leave those for tomorrow.

It's been so good seeing you again dear blog. I promise to do my best to stop in daily, or every other day. Yea, I'd like that too.

Have a great day dear blog. Bye.

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The Bug said...

Congrats to Austin! And good for your girls deciding that school is more important right now - it's not that the work is more important, but the skills they learn while doing the work are invaluable in the workplace later.

OK, where's the picture of your tattoo? :)