Sunday, October 31, 2010

Channeling My Inner Witchiness

My daughters and I have a Halloween tradition where we watch the 1993 movie "Hocus Pocus" together. If you've ever watched this movie, you know just how silly and funny it is! It's a spoof on what are supposed to be these three scary sister witches brought back to life, but they are just dim-witted.

We have the entire move memorized and we say our favorite parts along with it, as well as sing the songs. It starts Bette Midler, so you know the singing is great! Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy are also in it and Kathy is the nuttiest of them all and totally cracks me up. For example, someone steals their brooms so they are forced to improvise, and Kathy gets stuck with a vacuum. LOL

Anyhow, this year, to get ready for the movie night, I bought a witches hat. But of course, not just any hat would do. I would wait until all the decent looking hats are gone, so there is just one more left in the dismal pile of ugly stuff no one wants in the Wal-Mart Halloween section. The one with big ugly flowers on it, and a small piece of net that goes straight out the back. Oh yea, that's a scary one. (insert rolling eyes here).

My daughters arrived and laughed at my hat (not the reaction I was going for but oh well). They took a picture of me looking as scary as I could, but later they said I looked more constipated than scary.

After we enjoyed the movie they caught me in action with a little toy.

What? Doesn't every Halloween witch play a scary tune on their uber-scary melody maker?

Have a fun and safe Halloween!!

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The Bug said...

I can't believe I've never watched that movie. It sounds hilarious. Kathy was in Sister Act, wasn't she?

LOVE your hat! I made mine a little sillier this year by adding an outrageous bow (actually, I was just storing the bow on the hat all year & when I pulled it out I decided to leave it).

Dr. M has one of those melody makers - but he graduated to a mountain dulcimer so he never plays it. His is carved so I envision a music room where he can hang it on the wall someday...