Monday, November 01, 2010

Guest Bathroom

Several years ago, I gave up my part of the master bathroom to Austin, that way I could have the guest bathroom as my own. I've never had a bathroom all to myself while living with someone else, so to me this was a huge treat. To really "claim" the space, I repainted the bathroom a very dark pink, and I liked it. I change the bathroom decorations for each season, and it was a color that worked well with all seasons.

After Ashley & Chelsea moved out, Austin asked if he could move his bedroom upstairs, so he wasn't the only one in the finished basement. After some rearranging was completed, Jay's office was now downstairs, and Austin was upstairs.

A couple of months ago, I asked Austin if he would like to move his showering and shaving items to the guest bathroom because it would be so much handier, and he agreed it would. The bathroom is right next door to his room.

This shows the true love of a mother for her child - I gave up my bathroom, my only "girlie" space left in a house full of testosterone.

Then he asked if there was any way the bathroom could be repainted a color that wasn't so girlish. Again - true love prevails and I agreed.

I knew that with Jay being in the field, & Austin having school, cross country, and play practice, there was no way either of them would get it painted any time soon. I also knew that there was no way I could do it, so I went looking for hired help. Ashley was going to be coming home for a couple of days and I asked if she was interested, and she was. Yippee!

I selected a nice calm, light mint green and Ashley started to paint. Even though the paint had a primer in it, we knew it was still going to take a second coat to cover that dark color.

Slowly, but surely the pink started to go away. At first I was kind of sad, because I like bright/bold colors. However, as the first coat gave way to the second coat, I could see how much lighter & brighter it was in that bathroom, and I started to really love it.

The bathroom is completed, the protective tape has been removed and the decorations have been put back up.

Austin loves having it a different color and even referred to the new color as "cool".

The master bathroom had become the "guys" bathroom complete with a golf shower curtain, golf bath accessories, and golf pictures on the wall.

I'm thinking that if I had to change that bathroom, it's time for this bathroom to get a change as well. Not more girlie, but more neutral. hhhmmmm....I think it's time to visit some websites with bathroom design ideas. :)

Here's the before and after shots:

What do you think??


sara said...

I remember when you painted that bathroom! but I think it really looks good!!! The decorations really show up against the new color!

The Bug said...

I like the lighter color - & your decorations go with it pretty well. I know you'll miss the pink. And I hate to bring it up - but it won't be that much longer before Austin's out of the house too.

mom and dad said...

looks great-looking forward to seeing in person. wanna come deco for us????? love your talents.. wly