Monday, December 13, 2010

The Last Blizzard of 2010 - I Hope

We have been so lucky up to this point of the year, in that we haven't had more than a little dusting of snow this year. With my birthday being in early December, any year we don't have snow by the time my birthday rolls around, is a good year in my book.

Well, we got our first snow in the form of a blizzard this past weekend. It made for an interesting weekend to say the least.

First, our electricity flickered off and on, before it went completely off for about 12hrs. When I get cold, my muscles get tight and of course, my pain level increases dramatically, so I bundled up as if I were going out in the storm. I had yoga pants and sweat pants on as well as a turtle neck, heavy sweatshirt, my superthick (old and ugly) pink fuzzy robe, thick socks under my Ugg knock-offs, ear muffs and thick mittens. And I sat under a super thick quilt. I am so thankful no one took a picture as I'm sure I looked uber lovely. LOL

Twelve hours later our electricity came back on. Jay didn't think our furnace was working well enough, so he headed to the basement to work on it. He came back up to go get his saw and some duct tape (still not sure why). It was at that point that I asked people on Facebook to pray for us. Seriously. 

Jay came back announcing he had found his power saw and he gave the "Tim The Tool Man" grunting noise. After letting out a couple of "Oops!" he shouted up the stairs asking Austin to come help him. As Austin slowly made his way to the stairs he looked back at me and whispered "Help me." I shrugged and said "If he yells 'Oops!' again, RUN!"

Now this morning we found we had no water, as poor Austin tried to take a shower before school, which meant he had to take a shower at the school. After spending the past two days trying to keep us (and the pigs) warm, Jay had had very little sleep or downtime. This latest situation just about sent him over the edge. I am convinced that if I had suggested moving somewhere warmer, he would have agreed.

Darn - I probably missed that opportunity.

Part of our line to our well has frozen, and they are working to get it thawed as soon as possible. Austin has his school's Christmas concert tonight and I'm really hoping they get the water fixed, or I will say a prayer for the poor unfortunate people who have to sit next to a showerless me. :-/

Today the sun is shining, the wind has gone down, and I have to admit that in spots, it does look kind-of-sort-of pretty, in a IWishIDidn'tHaveToDriveInIt kind of way. There is only one thing left to say:

Is it Spring yet?

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The Bug said...

Why, I talked about driving in the snow on my blog today - no fun!

Dr. M used to work for a water well driller (family business) & they got called out all the time for just the type of thing you're talking about. There was a story one time about a load of manure that ended up on his head, but I'm not sure what that had to do with the well :)