Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mom, I need more money

Those are among the 5 most dreaded words we will hear this year. Someone told us a couple of years ago that when you have a child (or children) that is a senior, install a turnstile and keep your checkbook open, because you're child is never home unless they need money and as soon as they get it, they're gone again. No truer words have ever been spoken.

Yesterday Chelsea headed to DMACC to take a test she needed to take to qualify her for the classes she wants to take. Of course, that wasn't free. And, since she would miss lunch at school, she needed money to get something to eat.

Then, just this morning, Ashley said "Mom, the act of needing money for the senior year begins now." I said "Really? So writing out checks for ACT/SAT tests, Chelsea test, senior picture outfits and senior pictures was all just a dream?" She stopped for a moment and said "Well,no. But I'm talking about actual graduation money needed." "Oh well then, that's much different." LOL She informed me that they needed $35 a piece for their caps and gown rental.'s only September. Cap & gown rental already????? Plus, they each needed $15 for a senior class t-shirt (heaven forbid they should graduate without having ordered a matching t-shirt), oh and $60 each by the end of next week to order a yearbook.

I knew there was a reason I was going to hate this year. Not only are my babies going to be leaving, but they will be taking all our money with them!

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