Monday, September 24, 2007

Thank goodness he loves me

It's early. The kids have just left for school and Jay has just left for work. But oh what a morning it has been already. Before Jay left for work this morning, he installed a security type camera for me. I just want a camera pointing out to where people park, so that when I'm in my office on the computer (like right now) I can see if a client pulls in. I'm in a wierd mood this morning and feeling kind of silly, so Jay got the camera up and running and I kept dancing around in front of it while he adjusted the settings on the tv. He kept saying "stop", which to me meant "wooohooo honey, shake it some more." Soooooo...I did. LOL I stood there saying "look at me honey, I'm shakin' my butt." He just shook his head. LOL ~ Thank goodness he loves me.

Also, since the girls will be graduating, I'm trying very hard to not procrastinate on doing things around the house that I know I'll be wanting done. I've re-done the living room and now am moving on to our bedroom. We have a large buffet style table in there with the top 1/2 of a hutch sitting on top of it. I wanted the top removed and I'll put a mirror above it. Keep in mind that this top 1/2 is HUGE! He of course thinks I can't lift it, but I remind him I've been working with a trainer, so I'm buff. No really sweetie...I am. So, we go to try to lift it and I can't. LOL Well, I could, but it's so tall that I don't have a way to balance it, so Jay smashes the side of his face against it and I busted out laughing. Here he is all red in the face and his cheek and nose smooshed against the glass and I am laughing so hard I can't hold the top anymore. He says to put it down and calls for Austin. But, I'm determined (ok maybe stubborn...or maybe I know I won't live this down if I don't do this)...I can do this! So we get it down to the floor where it will remain until he can get someone else to help carry it to wherever we will put it (anyone want the top of a hutch? LOL). I was still giggling after we were done, but he was not amused. ~ Thank goodness he loves me. LOL

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