Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I want them to be little again

Our school has a program on their website where parents can log in and see info regarding their child(ren). You can check attendance records, report card grades, progress reports and how much money they have in their lunch accounts.

This morning I decided to look over the info regarding our kids and found some interesting things. For starters, Chelsea is obviously not enjoying anatomy. LOL She's doing fine in it, but it is her lowest grade as far as points go. Plus, it helps us to know how she feels about it since she complains about it and the teacher non-stop (Mrs. X is so mean! Mrs. X can't teach right! I HATE ANATOMY!, etc). Ashley appears to be doing pretty well in her Government class, but I see she really bombed one test. I won't bring that up to her that I know that. I hated Government when I was in high school and I didn't do well in it, so while she's doing good at it, she comes by any struggles she has with it naturally.

Then I went to my "baby's" page. In jr. high they take health classes, which is basically a glorified way of saying Sex Ed. Last year it dealt with body changes (body, facial & pubic hair growth, deepening of the voice, periods, etc). This year it deals more with sex. I'm not naive. I do know that there are kids who NEED this information at this age. There are plenty of kids out there having sex at this young age. I just don't even want to think about it in regards to my son. So far he has no interest in dating, and according to him girls are still pretty worthless unless they are good at sports (I wonder if that comes from living with 2 sisters? Did my brother feel the same way? I'm sure not!) Again, I'm not naive. I'm sure that Austin does think about girls and they probably aren't all thoughts of how gross girls are, but I also know from talking with Jay that from here on out, my "baby" is going to have thoughts that will make his mom cringe, and those thoughts will increase in frequency the older he gets. ARGH! I really did NOT want to know that (well, ok I already knew it, but Jay's vocalizing it makes it more real)! I don't want to have to think about what he might be thinking every time he sees a girl wearing a bikini or some Victoria's Secret commerical on tv. I want him to go back to the days when he would see one of those commercials and start giggling saying "Mommy, I just saw her underpants." I know he's growing up and this is an exciting time for him. But when I see my little boy talking with a man's voice, or I notice he now has under arm hair (which I horribly embarrassed him by asking why his underarms were so dirty...didn't realize it was hair...oops!), or I buy my baby his first electric razor because he has some hairs on his chin that could almost be combed, it makes me want to cry. I'm not ready for him to grow up, and I most definitely am NOT ready for him to have GUY thoughts!

Ok, I've wiped my tears and blown my nose, now, back to the school site.... I looked at his progress report and for his health class, here are his current scores:

What I think I know (test to gauge your knowledge at the beginning of the class)
15 out of 15 - 100%
Rate your Character (how well you think you make good choices)
10 out of 10 - 100%
Decision Making ( how well you actually do make good choices)
16 out of 18 - 89%
Birth Control (what you know before that unit)
10 out of 10 - 100%
Birth Control (test -what you know after taking that unit)
21 out of 21 - 100%
STD's (what you know before that unit)
10 out of 10 - 100%
STD's (test - what you know after taking that unit)
14 out of 19 - 74% ----he got WORSE after that unit was covered????
What I know Now (at the end of these units)
14 out of 15 - 93%

So here's my perception of those scores. Yes, we have always been open with our kids when it comes to talking about sex. Austin is one who is VERY uncomfortable talking about it, so it's been very limited talks. When he looks like he is either trying to crawl inside himself to hide or about to explode, we know it's time to end the discussion. So, should we be proud that our son has done so well? Should we be concerned that he already knew about birth control BEFORE the class? We haven't discussed that with him (other than condoms which are advertised on tv now..but that's a whole other blog LOL), so what little punk is teaching my kid about birth control? And if he KNEW about STD's before the unit, how could he get worse after the unit? I still don't understand that one, but he would probably die just hearing his mom mention the word STD's, so I don't think I'll ask.

I'm just confused on this class. I mean I am proud of my kids and their accomplishments, but I just feel almost creepy if I were to announce "Hey guess what everyone! My son got an A in Sex Ed! Woooohoooo!" :-/

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