Tuesday, October 09, 2007

So sad and scary!

We got a call last night from a friend of ours who is in the same saddle club we are in. Our girls (and the daughter of these friends) were supposed to go to another club members farm this next weekend for a trail ride, but it's been cancelled. They got a call a couple of days ago that 2 of their horses were out in the cornfield behind their pasture. They went out and found one horse dead and the other horse had huge gashes around it's throat area and long gashes down it's sides. They got the vet there quickly who managed to save the horse and stitch up all the wounds, but the horse was in severe shock. Just last night that horse also died.
We have had reports over the past couple of years that there have been bobcat sightings in our state. However, according to the vet, this was not done by a bobcat. The one horse stands 16.2 hands tall...so he was a very tall horse. A bobcat wouldn't have been able to get that high. The gashes down the sides were definitely huge, deep claw marks. The vets guess as to what it could have been? He said it looks like what a mountain lion would do.
This poor family only lives 3 miles from us. They have several horses that are now kept locked up in the barn, because they fear whatever it was will come back. We normally let ours out in our pasture to graze, but won't unless we can be home to keep an eye on things. So sad and so scary! I hope they catch whaever it is...and quick!
All future trail rides planned for this Fall have obviously been cancelled. :(


Steve, Debi, Brennan, & Nate said...

OK......now I'm THANKFUL that I live in the city...no bobcats OR mountain lions here! Just traffic!LOL That's scarey -- now, make sure you aren't out walking by yourself in the dark, my dear sister!!! And, if you ever want to move to the city, let me know and I'll hook you up with a house! LOL Love ya!

The Heerens said...

No, I am not out walking when it's dark. However, I'll take my chances out here in the wild rather than in your "jungle". LOL