Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Its a sing-a-long

Who built the ark....Noah, Noah
Who build the Noah built the ark.

All I can say is I wish dear brother Noah would have left better instructions on how he built it, because the way things are going, a canoe isn't going to cut it. big is a cubit anyhow? And what kind of wood did he use? And how in the heck did he keep it leak free when Thompsons water seal wasn't even invented yet? Or was Noah's last name...Thompson? Maybe it was a family secret passed down to his sons and to generations from then on. hhhmm...something to ponder.
While I'm on the topic....did he really take 2 of EVERY animal? Why? Think about it, sloths...what good are they? And turtles? Do they do anything? And oppossums. Other than invading my garage from time to time and destroying things...what is their purpose? To give me something else to do? I have plenty to do thank you. Did the ark 2x2 include bugs? If so, why? I know God is all knowing, but do we really need flies and mosquitoes? I think not.

All I ask is that it please stop raining!! PLEASE!!!! If my cranky pants hubby can't get back in the field soon, it's not going to be pretty. Plus, we have a graduation party next Spring and the honey-do list includes lots of outdoor projects! sssshhhhh don't tell poor Jay. hehehe

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