Friday, October 10, 2008

Cross Country Meet

Austin had another cross country running meet yesterday, and I tell ya, we have been so fortunate to have great weather this season. They have 2 meets next week and then their season is over. I remember 2 years ago Austin ran in one of the meets that's scheduled for next week, it was snowing and bitterly cold winds were howling. They allowed kids to wear whatever they could fit under their uniforms, so kids were in sweats, coats, gloves, hats, etc., so they all looked like the Pillsbury do-boy in nylon running gear. Parents and other spectators huddled together trying to stay warm. Didn't matter if you knew the person next to you or not, if they had a blanket, they were your new best friend. As soon as Austin was done running that day, I headed straight for our van and sat there with the heater on high trying to get feeling back in my toes. Oh good times.

So far this season, the runners haven't even worn under armor under their jerseys. It's been beautiful. Even us spectators have only tossed on a sweatshirt or light jacket. Awesome!

Here's a couple of pictures of Austin running in the meet yesterday. Look at how pretty the trees are as they are starting to turn. Hopefully the weather will continue to hold out and we'll make it through the entire season frostbite free.

In the picture above Austin is the blonde on the right in the front group of runners.

Disclaimer: The face of the other runner may have been altered to protect his privacy.

Ok here is a video of Austin as he is coming towards the finish line. It's not a good video, and you actually only see him for a couple of seconds, so do not expect much. The only reason I am even posting it, is because I was excited and amazed that I actually finally learned how to not only record a video with my phone (yes the phone I still don't like), but I learned how to post it on here as well. Wooohooo! Go me!!!

He is the 3rd runner you see coming by.

Yes that's my voice you hear. I am the loving, compassionate, supportive mom yelling "You're alright" as he is holding his stomach (something he never does). So much for being empathetic. Noooo, not me. I turn into some kind of drill sargent basically saying "Suck it up dude. No whining, just run 50 miles in a dead sprint like I do every day". Oh and the video ends kind of funny, but that's because a friend of my daughters came up behind me, not knowing I was taping and spun me around to say hi. LOL

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Becky said...

Glad you're getting the hang of that new phone ;-) Its good to get that extra push from Mom. I bet he was "alright" just needed to hear it.