Thursday, October 09, 2008

He Says Don't Worry

I am the eternal worrier. I worry about everything, no matter how small or how big. I don't worry about things that involve others, but if they involve me or someone very near and dear to me, you can bet I will worry about them. I do it because I deeply care for these people, and I want the best for them. I want them to be as happy as possible and I'll do everything I can to be sure that happens.

Can you say...control issues? But at least my intentions are good. LOL

I have been working so hard lately on letting go. Gods shoulders are a whole lot bigger than mine, so he's much more capable to handle whatever arises. Right?

But...What if he needs help? What if there is something much more important for him to deal with at the moment? What if I could be helpful? Even just a little bit. What if? What if?
Is that just a me thing? Or is it a wife thing? A mom thing? A woman thing?

I have adopted a verse that has been helpful:

While I say this verse has been helpful, it's not been easy to live by. This week has been an extremely hard test for me regarding this verse. There are several things going on within our family that may not seem like big things to others, but to me they are big enough that they have caused me to worry over them, and even though I really am trying to pray and let it go, it's been very hard, and I'm not finding the peace, which tells me that I'm evidentally not letting go as much as I might think I am.

I'm hoping all of this is just a test of our faith and nothing more, but what if it's not? See...there goes the worry button again? LOL

So here's my question for you today....

When you have something bothering you, stressing you, frustrating you, scaring you, worrying you, how do you deal with it?


DEb said...

Yeah, easier said than done..right!? I used to be a huge "worrier"... but when you truly learn how BIG God is and that HE really does want ALL your issues (big and/or small-it doesn't matter to him) you realize that maybe, just maybe, it's not so much the "issues" as it is the COMMUNICATION God wants w/us... then the "issues" seem to fall into place...just something I learned (and it took 10 LONG years of WORRYING)hahahha....

BTW, loved your post on my blog about Gene Simmons!! That is FUNNY!! Kiss was regarded as "devil music" wasn't it... hahaha... he's actually a very soft spoken man....hmmmm...

The Naths said...

OK, so I second what Debi says. When I am confused like that, I actually ask God to SHOW me if He wants me to DO something. Sometimes being patient and still and TRUSTING Him is what He wants ( I have learned this through some trying times). Ok, so to answer your question...this is what I do, and don't laugh!! I sing that song, "Rejoice in the Lord Always and Again I say rejoice!" After a few times of that, then I change the words to, "Trust In the Lord always and I again I say trust Him." I don't know, maybe it's because I'm a music person but after singing that around and around, I can't help but smile knowing He truly is in charge and He truly does love me and wants to take care of me. Oh, and I also ask Him to show me what he wants me to learn and to help me open my eyes and learn it. I often find, that when there is stress or a struggle in my life, God intends I learn something from it. (Of course, I usually don't actually see this side of it until all the worrying is over..LOL!)

Becky said...

I'm afraid I'm no help this time...I do what you do... try to let it go but to no avail. But you know God IS faithful and as much as I have worried in the past I'm not worried about anything right now... So God must have worked it out. Praise be to Him.