Friday, November 14, 2008

Fill In The Blanks

Linda over at Second Cup Of Coffee borrowed a questionaire and invited anyone else who wanted to, to join in. I've had a couple of long crazy busy kind of days, and I can't even think straight let alone come up with anything else to write about, so I decided to borrow it too:

What is your writing process? This would assume I have a process, but I don't. I'm not a writer. I don't consider myself a writer. I just type...randomly. My mind wanders throughout the day. Some thoughts occasionally stick, while others drift on by. Or there are things that make me laugh. Mostly it's just the day to day stuff that makes up my oh so exciting life that I'll write about.

What are your greatest creative inspirations? I don't know about the creative part, but I write about life, family, life, pets, life, trips to Wal-Mart, did I mention life?

What are your greatest creative barriers? That I'm not creative. I can't make things up. I write about what I see, what I think, or what I feel, and that's all I got.

What is your favorite word? "Nap". Oh lordy be, I do love my naps. I don't get them very often, but when I do, I am such a happy camper.

What is your least favorite word? "Worthless" when it is someone describing themselves or an animal in a degrading way. It breaks my heart to know someone really thinks that of themselves or others.

What sound or noise do you love? Laughter. Laughing is my favorite hobby.

What sound or noise do you hate? Crying. I don't like sadness, pain, suffering, or any of the other emotions that go along with crying.

What is your favorite curse word? I try not to curse, and for the most part the only time I do is when I am really really REALLY mad about something and it's either let one word fly or choke someone. I guess I figure it's better to let that poor person live. LOL But, I do not take the Lords name in vain and it makes me crazy when I hear someone use His name when they curse.

A song/band/type of music you'd risk wreck & injury to turn off when it comes on the radio? Rap. I can't stand rap - mostly because I can't understand a single word they are saying, and the few words I do understand are most commonly not good.

Best show on television? I don't watch much tv, mostly because Jay and Austin have it on ESPN or the Golf channel as much as possible. But I do try to not miss "The Biggest Loser", "Law & Order, SVU" and "John & Kate plus 8".

Favorite movie? Grease. I never ever get tired of watching it, singing & dancing along with it, or wishing I could look as good in those skin-tight outfit as Olivia Newton-John does.

Favorite room in your house? hhhmmm...I don't really have a favorite. There are different things about each room that I like best. For example, our oversized bed makes my bedroom my favorite. The shelves full of photos makes the living room my favorite, or the fake wall I "built" makes the kitchen my favorite.

Best concert? Reba. She came out on stage riding in a mini-plane. Seriously, I it was real! It was so awesome! Plus, I just love her singing style and the songs she sings. I've seen her several times. At one concert, she sang a song about aids and a huge quilt was raised listing names of people who have died with aids. That was so powerful. The 2nd best concert was N'Sync. I took our daughters when they were 12ish, and we had so much fun singing and dancing together. For one night I was considered a cool mom. Thanks for that N'Sync.

Brass or strings? Brass. I love listening to someone sing along with a full band behind them. But then again, violins playing in the back sounds pretty awesome too. Can I choose both?

If you could have anything put on a t-shirt what would it be? "My other body is a size 5"

The best part about being your age? I guess I'd have to say the knowledge and experience that comes with living through the things I have.

Favorite Girl Scout cookie? It's been so long since we've had any Girl Scouts sell us any cookies, that I'm honestly not sure what kinds they even have anymore. I do remember Jay liking some kind of mint cookie way back when.

Poker or gin or bridge? I'm bad at cards. No really, I am B. A. D. at cards. I never play, unless it's UNO or solitaire.

Shower or bath? Shower. If I want to have a nice hot soak in the tub, I'll use our hot tub.

Favorite pajamas? I don't wear actual pajamas. I wear shorts and either a tank top, t-shirt, or long sleeved t-shirt (depending the season & the weather). Oh and during the winter, I have these big, thick, soft, fluffy socks that I wear. I'm sure I'm the ultimate in sexiness, but I can't sleep if my feet are cold.

Nightmare job? Accountant, Auditor, Insurance Agent, Math instructor. Basically anything at all to do with math. Oh that would be bad. Sooooooo bad.

A talent you wish you had? Singing. A lot of my family and almost all of Jays family are singers and I wish I could join in. I love to sing, but trust me when I say that it is not a joyful noise.

Dream vacation? Italy or any tropical island.

What's on your nightstand? An alarm clock, lamp, couple of books, carmex, tray for my glasses, cord to charge my blackberry, tissues, earrings I forgot to take off before getting into bed, and a bottle of water.

3 weird things about you: Geez, I have to narrow it down to 3? ok, ok, let's see....

1. I can find humor in just about anything. Seriously. It can be embarrassing, and not always appropriate (like if someone falls down or runs into something, once I find out they are ok, I'll laugh like crazy).

2. Ever since seeing the movie Titanic, I have made the declaration that I will never, and I do mean NEVER go on a cruise. And I'm 110% serious about that.

3. I am so petrified of heights that just seeing an airplane landing or taking off can send my heart racing and tears will come to my eyes. Severe panic attacks occur when it's actually ME having to get on the plane.

So, care to join in? Make sure to link back to Linda so we can all read each others.

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Robin Lambright said...

I played too! I love seeing and reading all the different opinions and what makes folks tick

If your interested this is the link to my fill in's:

We are twins on a couple of answers, except for the cruise. MY hubby and I went on one for our 20th anniversary and it was the best vacation we ever had. I would go again in a heartbeat!!!!!!