Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #102 we go for this week:
1. Friends are friends forever, if the Lords the Lord of them. (sing along with me)
2. Good health; it's over-rated this time of year. Eating tons of chocolate, candy canes, fudge, and drinking hot chocolate by the gallons is much more important.
3. I'm ready for Spring. I know many who want a "white Christmas", but not me. I remember southern California Christmas' and STILL miss them. I could honestly care less if I never saw snow again.
4. Calvin Kleins "Euphoria" is one of my favorite perfumes or aftershaves or smells.
5. The oldest ornament I have is a Santa picture frame holding a picture of hubby & I on the Christmas Eve night we got engaged.
6. Take some random stuff from the fridge, mix it all together and you have "Suppers Ready".
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to welcoming my college daughter home, tomorrow my plans include going to my sons basketball game and Sunday, I want to take college daughter shopping for whatever soft foods she'd like to have on hand. She gets her wisdom teeth surgically removed on Tuesday!
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1 comment:

Chatty Kelly said...

Okay, now I am singing that song. I'm laughing, cause I'll be singing it all night for sure!!!

Send some snow my way (Virginia). We never get snow, and my kids would love it.