Saturday, December 13, 2008


Ok, I understand fashion. I do. But, I guess all my years as a stay-at-home mom taught me frugal-ness and practicality. I tend to shy away from trends that you know won't last more than one season.

I also understand that scarves are all the rage right now. I however can't wear them because I have a whole clausterphobia "oh my gosh even though this thing is hanging down to my chest, it could get caught and strangle me, ack, I can't breathe" issue going on.

Yes, I know. I should be in therapy.

What I don't get is the ridiculous prices I have seen for some of these scarves. I was in one department store recently and I actually saw a scarf for $378.00. Three hundred and seventy eight dollars people! That's just plain nuts! I actually looked at another scarf to see if the one I just saw had the wrong price on it. But nope, that one said the same thing. I nearly fell over right there. However, the store was packed with holiday shoppers and I knew I'd get trampled, which would mean I'd never get my shopping done.

Who in their right mind would pay that kind of money for a scarf? Let me see a show of hands please. Now will those people kindly explain to me WHY you are willing to pay that?

I mean, come on. You're only going to be able to wear it a few months. Since you won't wear it every day, we'll say that you'll actually only wear it for a months worth of days, so 30 days wearing time. Total. By next season scarves may be the big fashion no-no, so odds are you'll never wear it again. Then what do you do with your $378.00 scarf? Take it to Goodwill?

And if you have that kind of money laying around, enough money that you don't even blink twice at the thought of tossing it away on that scarf, I only have one question for you...

Wanna adopt me?

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Becky said...

For a scarf??? Was it woven with gold thread? Sewn using the hair of a famous dead guy (eww)? I'm with you on this one. I am all for the $9.99 Kmart special as far as scarves go.