Monday, December 29, 2008


As I said yesterday, on Saturday night I had a run-in with one of the "guest" dogs and the dog won. I ended up on my butt and found that I still do not bounce - at least not on concrete. I was a little nervous because something similar happened last winter and I ended up with a cracked pelvis. I don't believe that is the case this time (fingers crossed).

But something is definitely wrong and thankfully by later today I should be feeling much better. I have an appointment with our Chiropractor (aka: Miracle Worker) this afternoon and I can't wait.

At the moment, my left arm and hand keeps going numb if I try to do anything with it. I'm left-handed so yea, you can imagine how much fun that has been. I type a few words and then have to let my arm hang down to get feeling back in it, so I can type a few more words. I have no feeling along the outer edge of my thumb at all. The pain in my back rotates around to the front of my left hip, and on the right side it travels down my leg.
By the time I care for all the dogs being boarded (4 times a day), I gingerly make my way to our hot tub and soak for a few minutes so that the spasms cease long enough that I can then walk to the bed. 10-15 minutes of sitting is about as long as I can tolerate, so this is the end of todays blog.
I hope you all are having a much better Monday! :0) See ya tomorrow!


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Dena, this is terrible! You've gotta get this taken care of right away. In my totally incompetent opinion, I think it sounds like a pinched nerve, maybe? Because of the numbness. I'm so sorry this has happened. The one good thing about little dogs is that the only way you're going to hurt your back caring for them is bending over to pick them up. Get well soon.

DEb said... have more mishaps than anyone I know in the blogging world! You'd better take care of it..."things" don't get better the older you get..hahhaa..

Dena @ Green Acres said...

I'm a clutz....what can I say. LOL