Sunday, February 01, 2009

Project 365 - Week 5

Project 365 - Week 5

Another week over. I can't believe how fast they seem to be going...although, this means were that much closer to Spring, which is definitely a good thing. :)


We went to my sons jazz band & show choir concert at his high school. After the show, the instructor tortured the kids by making them stick around so parents could get pictures. Most of us moms were thrilled. It's not every day we get to see the kids so clean and dressed up. :)


I noticed during the previous night's concert that my son's trumpet looked "different". Turns out his broke during the dress rehearsal they had before the show, so he had to use a loaner from the school. Today I took his to be repaired. Notice the one valve that's stuck?

Our daughter wanted a lamp for her nighstand in her apartment, but couldn't find one she liked. Her bedding is pastel polka dots (with a solid comforter) and she also has polka dots on her drapes. So I bought this little lamp for $5.00 and painted the polka dots on it. It was fun to surprise her with it, and I'm glad she liked it..not sure what I'd have done with it otherwise. LOL

Chelsea came home to have her dad help her with some questions regarding her tax return, and while she was home I had her clip the dogs toenails for me. It's a job that I just find gross and hate to do. Thankfully she worked for several months in a vet office and doesn't mind doing it. As you can tell, Gabby is not amused. "Find your happy place. Find your happy place."


We went to another one of our sons high school basketball games. This picture is actually from his game this past Monday night, but my Monday picture of the day was already taken. :) This is a shot of my son making one of the 6 free throws he made in this game. He gets his mad skills from his mama *snicker, yea right*


I got out the few Valentines decorations that I have, including this little candle that filled the house with a yummy spiced apple scent.


Our son and his schools show choir was in the State Show Choir competition and we made the hour long drive down to watch him compete. They did great!

Well, that was our week. :)

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sara said...

wow, you have quite the talented son!!!

the dog looks like it is loving having it's toenails clipped...I thought dogs hated that!!

great week!

LuAnn said...

I am a basketball mom too. What grade is your son in? Mine is a freshman. Can you believe tonight they start some batting practice. Would be nice to finish one sport first.

Lisa said...

Really cute lamp! What girl wouldn't love that!

Wow, your son keeps you busy, huh? But what better way!

Gina said...

You had a very exciting and busy week! Way to record it with your pictures. LOVE the lamp!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

First, I love the lamp. How doggone cute! I can't have anything like that in my house. The pink carpet is bad enough.

Secondly, I wish you had a video of your son's choir performance! I would love to see all the moves and choreography. It looks awesome!

"Find your happy place..." that cracked me up.

Great week!

beckyjomama said...

What a fun week!!! Love that lamp!!

Edie said...

Your son looks great. I bet you're a proud mom. The show looks like it was fun too.

I love the polka dot lamp idea. That's so cute. I'm in redecorating mode and thinking inexpensively creative too.

Gabby doesn't look like she likes getting her nails clipped but at least she lets you. I have to take Tobi and have her sedated. needless to say, she doesn't get her nails clipped much.

I enjoyed your pics!

Nise' said...

I miss those basketball days, but my back sure doesn't. Never liked the toenail clipping job either.

Becky said...

Great pics. I love that lamp. What a great idea.