Saturday, January 31, 2009

Laughter Cures All

After my post yesterday morning about how angry I was, I ended up having the best day from then on.

After my shower, I was determined to get in a better mood, so I cranked up my i-pod and the dogs and I did a mean re-creation of Mamma Mia's "Dancing Queen".

Then I got a phone call from my Sister-In-Law "Hey girl, what's going on? Is it me that you're mad at?"

Then my mother called "As long as it's not me you're mad at then that's OK".

An Aunt sent a text asking if I needed her help to inflict any bodily punishment, and she said to let her know if I changed my mind by saying "I got your back".

A few minutes later a friend called asking if she could help round up a posse to go on the hunt for whoever had upset me.

One friend said she had never seen me that angry before and wanted to know if there was a recording of it.

Then my mother-in-law called and wanted to know if she was one that I was mad at.

Another friend also stated she had never seen me that angry and would I be willing to reenact it. Oh, and was she one of the people I was angry with?

Then another Aunt sent a text message saying she couldn't stand it and wanted to know who I was angry with...and was it her?

By this time I was laughing so hard! Some of these people I hadn't seen or talked to in days, or weeks. Why in the world would I be mad at them? And why would they even think I was mad at them?

hhhmmm....a little guilty conscience syndrome going on perhaps? Time for true confessions?

I went into my office to check emails, and there taped above my computer screen was this picture of Trace Adkins (who DH knows I love). He is always teasing me saying that he thinks I love HIM, not just his music so he wrote next to the picture "Thought this might help you smile":

Taped to my bathroom vanity mirror, I found this:

On the lamp that sits on the nightstand on my side of the bed, I found this:

And on the dresser mirror, on the side nearest my stuff, I found this taped up:

I am married to such a goofball, but he knew it'd make me laugh, and he was right!

Within the next hour I had more phone calls and text messages from different friends and family members asking if they were the ones I was mad at, and it cracked me up!
Then I got the ridiculous giggles because I related it to maybe how Jesus felt when the disciples were with him and he was talking about one of them betraying him and they were all asking

"Is it I?"

"Am I the one?"

"Tell me Lord, is it I?"

I wonder if Jesus felt like I did and wanted to just say put his hands up and say "Guys, chill." Or in the KJV maybe it'd be more like "Men, be-est thou chilled."

Yea, probably not.

However, the image of Jesus standing there telling the guys to "chill" made me giggle even more, which helped my mood. By later in the afternoon I wasn't angry anymore and now I have decided that whenever I get really angry, I will just blog about it. Then people will all be flitting around asking:

"Is it I?"

"Am I the one?"

"Tell me Dena, Is it I?"

I'll put up my hands and say "Guys, chill."
And I know I'll be laughing again in no time.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Glad you're feeling better. (I was probably the one, right?) HAHA. Do you know what would be sweet? If you replaced all those pictures with pics of your husband and let him discover them one by one, and then tell him "That's the guy I love." I know. I'm too sweet.

sara said...

that is so funny....isn't it interesting how when we are angry and don't tell why how everyone starts worrying it's them! I do the same thing!!

what a great husband!!! So glad you are laughing now!!

Edie said...

Well I'm glad you're feeling better too. I just read both posts. I kinda had to laugh at the angry one cause you said just about everything I would say when I'm that mad. "Spit Nails" yep.

This post just shows that there are a lot of people that love you or they wouldn't be calling you to find out if you were mad at them. That's quite a blessing.

"Men, be-est thou chilled."
That cracked me up!

I think Linda had a great suggestion about the photos too. Have a great weekend!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Awww...I like Linda's suggestion too. That would be so sweet.

I'm glad you're feeling better. I knew it wouldn't take you long. You're too nice to stay mad too long.

I think it's funny how God used people to cheer you up. He's so thoughtful!

Becky said...

LOL, about everyone calling thinking that you are mad at them. I'm glad they did though. (((Hugs)))