Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Sorry Richard

We don't go to a theater very often. Partly it's because I'm cheap. I can't stand paying ridiculous prices to see a movie and eat stale popcorn. Plus, I always seem to end up sitting right in front of the people who talk through the whole movie. That drives me crazy - just ask my family.

So usually we will wait until it comes out on video or we'll get it through pay-per-view on tv. When "Nights In Rodanthe" came out on video I saw it in Target. I was there with one of my daughters, and I said "Oh we should get this movie", and she promptly wrinkled her nose. I asked what the problem was and here's how the conversation went:

Mom, do those two on the cover like....kiss?

Well, I haven't seen the movie, but from what I know of it, it's a chick flick, so yea, I'm guessing they do.

Eeewwww. That's just nasty.

What? Why is that nasty?

Mom. He's



(*Shock on my face*)You did not just call Richard Gere old. He's Richard Gere. He has been handsome since "An Officer And Gentleman".

You call him handsome. I call him old. Look at him Mom. He's got gray hair and everything.

But he's Richard Gere!

Mom. Put the movie back. I do not want to see old people making out.

*sigh* And I thought I raised you better.

Well, a couple of days ago I was in Target and guess what...the movie was still there. It was even on sale - Bonus! That night I was home alone so I decided to pop the movie in, knowing there was no way Jay would want to watch a romance movie with me, and there wasn't enough money in the world to bribe Austin to watch it with me.

Oh Richard, I don't care what my daughter says, you're still dreamy.

This was a great movie until it got sad. And then the tears came, and more came and pretty soon I was doing the ugly cry, and glad no one else was home.

Excuse me.....Why didn't anyone warn me that this was a sad movie????
Would I recommend this movie? Yes. Just make sure you have your tissues nearby!


Becky said...

I almost rented it the other night. I don't know if I can do sasd right now.

LuAnn said...

Dena_ Tell your daughter that there is another person who thinks Richard is a "hunk". (ha) I think I have aged myself with that word!

Garden Girl said...

He is so handsome. Loved him in shall we dance. Yummy.
I hate to make you jealous seeing as this is my first time here. But...when they were filming Runaway Bride, the church is a mere 10 miles from my house. One day as I was driving by, they were taking a cast photo. I got yelled at when I snapped a pic, (but I still got my pic :)), but when the group walked by I was just a street width away from Richard.
"Nights" is on my Netflix list. Can't wait to see it! Maybe have a girl's night out here with boxes of tissues and chocolates!
Great post!

sara said...

oh yes, Richard is dreamy and always has been!!!

And I am with you..I hate it when people talk through movies. I am meeting with some of my best friends next weekend for a "girls weekend". they tease me endlessly b/c I get on them for talking during a movie!!!