Saturday, February 21, 2009

Project 365 - Week 8

Week 8!
Here we go! I'm finding it easier to remember to take pictures now. The problem is, my best camera is too big to just toss in my purse, and the camera on my phone doesn't take great pictures, but it's ok, I make do.


Our niece Jenna is on a competitive dance team which was in a competition nearby, so we went to watch her. This photo shows her doing her solo. It's a horrible picture...even for my phone, but it was dark in there and you weren't supposed to take pictures, so I had to be quick and sneaky and make sure I didn't use any flash! ssshhhhh.


Last Fall we had 4 cats. Then one day two wild strays showed up, and within a week both had litters of kittens. All of them are wild, but we're not heartless, so we throw food out to them. They are wild enough that you can't just place the food...they will attack! See the one in the front staring me down? He was also growling at me....which he does frequently. I know they are Gods creatures, but it really is hard to be nice to them.


We were at a basketball game, and I tivoed "The Biggest Loser" and watched it when we got home. You know it must have been an exciting day if this is my photo to post. LOL


Pasta night at our house. Always a crowd favorite. Although, as you can tell, I'm still cooking way more than what we 3 need. I can't get out of the cooking for 5 mindset.


I had a doctor appointment back in my hometown. This is the water tower there. I can remember watching this tower being put up when I was in my teens. It was so much bigger than the old "teapot" style we used to have, and I remember at that time thinking it had to be the largest, most beautiful thing in the world. :)


I ran a few errands and scored big when I found a couple of shirts on sale. I even managed to find a couple of scarves to go with them. Doesn't the front one shout "Hurry Up Spring!"?


My 2 golfaholic guys are going on a Spring Break golfing trip next month, so we went shopping to get them new shoes. My son will also use them when he is on the school golf team this Spring. I really do think I earned the "wife of the day" award. I spent over an hour in a golf store, and never complained once! LOL

There you have it....another week of winter behind us. I can't wait for Spring!! Be sure to click on the Project 365 logo in the sidebar to go see Sara the hostess for this project. She's also got the links for the others who are participating.


sara said...

great pics!

wow, I couldn't have lasted that long in a golf do deserve an award! My boys love to golf too!

that is a lot of cats!!!

pasta...yuummmmm....i am hungry right now!

Gina said...

Looks like you had a fun week! Love the pasta night - I have to try that! And I hear you I still cook for 10 many times, lol!

Danita said...

Great photos!
I always cook way too much or way too little pasta! I can never get it right :)

Esthermay said...

Wife Award, for sure! GOLF??! Store???! Ohmygoodness.
The cat picture is funny - your commentary: priceless!
I tend to cook for 10-12 people too. This is how we know that everything tastes better warmed up the next day!
Thank you for sharing your week with us!

Lisa said...

Yup, I grant you the wife/mother award. Hopefully everyone found what they are looking for, so you don't have to go back!

The camera phone is ok...we still get the idea.

LuAnn said...

How many cats are there? WOW!! You could have a little petting zoo.
Love the outfits with the scarves.
Blessings on your week!!!

Nise' said...

The cat giving you the eye must be the leader. What do you call a group of cats...pack, pride? I send my husband and boys off to the golf store WITHOUT me~

Elizabeth said...

It would be hard for me to be so nice to all those cats. They should appreciate you more!

I've only been in a golf store one time, and I did not have a good time. I am impressed with your willingness!

I never cook the right amount of pasta, ever.

Michelle said...

Whoa, that is a lot of cats!

Becky said...

An hour in the golf store... sounds like a great time for a nap in the car, lol!

Those cats are scary... if kitties no nice to me ... I no nice to it! :-p

HAHA with the camera phone you sneak ;-)

Kim said...

Great finds on the shirt and scarves! I don't have a pasta night, we have pasta weeks :-) Cooking more than you need is always a good idea -- leftovers are great for quick meals. Fun pictures this week!