Monday, February 09, 2009

No Breaking Bread Together

Yesterday both my girls came home from college for the day. It did this mama's heart good. It also did my heart good watching them do their laundry while they were home. I stood there with my mouth wide open saying things like "So you DID pay attention all those times I showed you how to fold?" and " don't just dump all your clean clothes on your floor by your bed like you did at home? How do you find anything?" hehehe....they didn't find my mom humor nearly as funny as I did. I cracked myself up!
I knew they were coming, so I decided to surprise them by making some of their favorite foods to take back with them. I made goulash which has been their favorite supper meal since they could pronounce it, and I divided them up in single serving containers. I also made up muffins, cookies and cupcakes. They were not only surprised, but super excited with it all. They were extra excited when they found out I made enough goulash that they could eat some here before they had to leave again.
I planned to give them each a loaf of banana bread too. "Planned" is the important word here. Neither of them got their bread. Oh, I made them each a loaf, but they chose to leave them here. Actually, I believe one said she could leave it in her trunk to jack up her car if she had a flat, while the other said she'd just leave it in her trunk to help weigh down the back end of her car so it wouldn't slide as easily. Kind? No. Grateful for what their mom did in the name of love? No. Truthful ~ yep.
I tried a new recipe for the bread machine. This recipe is NOT a keeper, unless you're looking for a replacement car jack, weight for your trunk, a doorstop or bookend. To say they turned out extremely hard is a MAJOR understatement. Chelsea thought she was really funny when she pretended to try to bite into one and after each attempt she'd yell: Call 911! .... until we reminded her that you don't reach your dentist through 911.
My mother-in-law happened to stop by to drop something off, and the girls said "Here Grandma, since you stopped by to see us, you can have this lovely loaf of bread." She explained that she had no idea they were even home, and once she was handed the bread she said "Ok, next time I won't stop unannounced, just please, keep the brick, I mean bread."
Everyone's a comedian.
Even the dogs got in on the sarcasm. Ringo is known as our garbage disposal. This dog will honestly eat everything ... everything except this bread. He just sniffed it and walked away. Tucker tried to play with it, so Jay suggested throwing it to see if he'd fetch it. We decided that might be a bad idea because if it accidentally hit him, it'd likely kill him. So, the bread ended up in the trash, and that page was torn out of the recipe book.
My family found it very funny to sing the song "Let us break bread together on our knees....."
only they changed it to:
Let us break bread together with a hammer.
Let us break bread together with a saw.
...and they went back and forth naming different tools.
Mama's not feeling the love.


LuAnn said...

So glad you had a fun time with your girls. Now this bread will be a memory and I am sure something they will always tease you about. I get teased about dumping the gravy down the drain on Thanksgiving - before we ate. It is a long story. Have a great week. Love your blog.

Becky said...

Actually I am looking for some bookends, LOL.