Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vision Board

Way back when I first started on the road to getting healthy (2005) I joined an online forum that I am actually a co-host of today. It's a great place for women only and we offer each other support, comfort, ideas and the occasional booty kick when necessary.

One of the best ideas I found on there was called the Vision Board. You take pictures or words from the internet or magazines or wherever you can find them and glue them to a board. The board can be whatever size you want, but it must contain pictures/words that motivate you and encourage you to reach your goals.

Here's my vision board that I made. It sits in my office where I can see it every day.

On my board I have many different things as you can see. I have motivational quotes such as "Nothing is impossible" and "Keep Your Eye On The Prize". I have uplifting quotes such as "Triumph is just umph added to Try" and "Your Worth It". And I have pictures of somethings I work towards such as hubby and I want to back to the Bahamas again someday so I have pictures of white sandy beaches, and I also think it would be fun to take a trip to Vegas to renew our vows, so I have a picture of a Vegas sign.

It doesn't matter what you put on your board. Everyones is different. The most important part is that you put it where you see it every . single . day.

This works not only for weight loss, but just living a healthier lifestyle, business goals, and any goals you have in mind. Children can even make them. It's a great visual for those who are even too young to read. I've also heard of Sunday School and Bible School classes using them.

If you made a vision board, what would you put on it?


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I love this idea! I think I will incorporate one into our school room...when we get one! Seriously! This is a great idea!!

Darlene Siddons said...

vision boards are the best and are perfect for creating your hearts desires.....there is also another option and that is Vision Map Videos which are for your eyes only and can be watched on all your electronic devices including your computer...have fun and visualize what you want...and manifest it!!!!


Becky said...

What an awesome idea!