Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday

Today is the 19th birthday of my "baby" girls....Ashley Marie and Chelsea Marie. They are such a joy to their dad and I, and we feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to share in the joy of watching the grow into such beautiful young ladies. This past year has been hard not having them around every day since they are both off at college, but thanks to technology, we are able to stay in touch much more than we otherwise would have been.

As babies they developed their distinct personalities very quickly. Ashley was the "silly" baby and the wiggleworm. She was never able to sit still. It was pointless to put a blanket on her at night because it'd be on the floor by morning and she'd usually be at the other end of the bed. Chelsea was stubborn and very strong-willed. She was the first to walk and the first to talk. She always worked hard to learn something new as fast as possible.

It's funny how they are still that way to this very day. Ashley loves to have fun and is very outgoing. She's our social butterfly, and she is always on the go. She doesn't like being bored and is happiest when she has a bazillion things going on and a bazillion people around.

Chelsea is determined and commited. When there's something that needs to be done, she will move mountains to get it done. Don't tell her she "can't" do something, because she will not rest until she proves you wrong. She loves responsibilities and knowing someone is counting on her, and rest assured, she will not let you down.

As they got closer to their teen years they tried so hard to be different. Most kids struggle with the big question of "who am I?", but they also struggled with "how am I different from my identical twin?" It was during this time that Ashley grew her bangs out and cut her hair short. Chelsea on the other hand, kept her bangs and grew her hair very long. They struggled so hard to be independent. And they fought...oh lordy be how they fought! Somedays I thought I'd lose my mind, and I was convinced they would always hate each other.
Towards the end of their high school years they gradually started to grow closer and to get along better. Ashley grew her hair out and Chelsea grew her bangs out. They no longer fought to be different. When a school project would ask them to define themselves in 5 words or less, they always listed "twin" as their first item. They had come to accept that being a twin didn't make them so much the same, as it helped to make them unique. Although it still frustrated them when most mornings they'd come out of their bedrooms wearing the exact same outfit, and then they'd spend the next 10 minutes arguing about who's turn it was to change their clothes that day.
Then it came time for college. We knew for a long time that they had no intention of going to the same college. They were ready to be see as just one person - not a twin, and we respected that. As Ashley put it "I want to walk down a hallway and have someone say 'Hi Ashley', not 'Hi....which one are you?'" But they have grown much closer this year that they have been apart. They only live about 15 minutes from each other. Both spend time at each others place and they talk/text back and forth quite often...usually on a daily basis. They even enjoy the attention they get now when they are together. The first time Chelsea visited Ashley at her dorm, one girl kept looking back and forth between them saying "Ok, you two look so much alike, and you are really freaking me out!" Instead of getting mad, both girls found that extremely funny.
But their best similiarities have nothing to do with being a twin. They are both so loving and caring. They will willingly give the shirt off their back to help someone. They have a way with children that makes children gravitate to them. Family is very important to them and they both treasure their faith.
Happy birthday to my beautiful, talented, loving daughters. You are both such a joy and blessing and I am proud to be called your mother. I hope you have the best birthday ever!!
Love, Mom

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sara said...

Happy Birthday to your girls!! What a wonderful post! Isn't it fun to see them grown up? Mine turns 20 in 2 weeks!