Monday, March 02, 2009

I Heart Texting

"Mom can we pleeeee-ase get texting on our phones?"

"Yea dad. Pleeeeee-ase?"

"I mean seriously, we are like the ONLY kids in the entire school who don't have it."

"No. More like the only kids in the entire WORLD!"

"Yea. The WORLD!"

"Do you really want your kids to be ridiculed?"

"Wait...what does that mean?"

"It means we'd be teased."

"Oh. Ok yea. Do you want us to be ridiculed?"

"On like a daily basis."

"We know you're good parents and would never want that to happen."

"So...pleeeeeeeeeeeeee-ase???" (*said in stereo surround sound*)

Those were the comments heard non-stop during the beginning of my daughters senior year in high school. We had heard them since they turned 16 and had gotten their phones for their birthday. Our constant response was "No".

Honestly I tried to figure out a necessary purpose for texting. The main reason we got them each a phone was for them have a way to get ahold of us or the police in the case of accident or other emergency when they were driving. As I told them: "I'm pretty sure 911 doesn't have texting and if they can get by without it, so can you".

During their senior year, they were both on their high school dance team and both had earned the priviledge of getting to perform at the Capitol One Bowl on New Years Day in Orlando, Florida. We were among the parents who went along to the airport to see them (& their coach) off.

After they left, we went to the mall because Jay was having problems with his phone. On the way there we talked about it and decided we would surprise them by allowing them to have texting on their phones. So, while at the store we got it activated and then I sent them their first message:

"Be sure to let us know when you land safely in Orlando. Love, Mom & Dad"

Almost immediately we got the following messages back:


YEAH! You are the BEST parents ever!!!

Ok seriously. Is this a joke? Or is it for real? We have it now?

Wait. How many minutes do we have? Is it unlimited? I hope so.

From that point on, I'm sure their fingers were typing fast and furious as they let all their friends know they could now text.

I still didn't get it, but I tried. I would text with them, but it still seemed sort of pointless to me. I mean, what I was saying back and forth with them is exactly what I could say if I were talking to them during a phone call, or when we were face to face.

Then the girls went off to college. And now I get it.

I don't know their class and work schedules, as they both change on a daily basis depending on their classes for that day. So, if I need to talk to them about something, I never know when is a good time to call them. So I can send them a quick message and when they get out of class they can call me or, send a message back to me.

Plus, there have been times when I just wanted to surprise them with a quick note to let them know I was thinking about them. I used to do that when they were in elementary school. Every so often I'd slip a note in their lunch box. When they got older, I'd secretly tuck one into their backpack before they left for school. Usually nothing major. Just perhaps "good luck on your math test" or "We are so proud of you", or "What do you say we go for some ice cream when you get home from school today", something like that.

Now, with texting I can still do that. "Good luck with Chemistry today" or "Have I told you lately how proud we are of you?" or something more important like "I'm going through daughter withdrawl. Can you give me a call when you get done with work please? I'm missing your sweet voice".

Short little messages that let them know I'm thinking of them. Sometimes I wont write anything. I'll send a funny picture or cartoon. It's another way to say "I'm thinking of you".

So, now when someone says they love texting, I can say I understand why.


Becky said...

UR such a gud Mommy! ;-)

sara said...

so with you on this post!!!

Kimberly said...

I Heart Texting too! My kids are younger than yours but I send them messages during the day via text...just so they know I'm thinking about them during my crazy day.

LuAnn said...

I just did on post on this a little while back. FUNNY!!!!