Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Madness!

Every year we really get into the whole "March Madness" excitement around here. By we, I mean Jay and Austin. I get into it too, but for a whole other reason. I like to torment the guys with my lack of knowledge and over all complete luck in happening to pick a winning team. It seriously drives them crazy if I happen to win a point and they don't.

These two men of mine are super competitive. They compete with everything they do! I am the total opposite. I'd be ok if no one ever kept score, so that it was all just about having fun...which of course causes that vein in their testosterone filled temples to throb.

When March Madness time rolls around they are crazy about it. They enter several pools that are organized by friends of theirs. There are some where the cost to join is a pack of gum and winner gets all the gum. Some you can join do involve an entry fee, but most are free, and dare I say....just for fun.

When the brackets are announced, they can't print them off the computer fast enough. They read statistics on teams, even though they know most of them....which brings me to an interesting point - how is it that Austin can tell me how many assists a certain player has had on any given team, but he can't remember to pick up his dirty clothes off the floor in his room, no matter how many times he is told to do so?

When all of our kids were young we made March Madness a fun, family activity. We'd each fill out a bracket (one for the mens tournament & one for the womens) and hang them up. We didn't do all the fancy scoring like some pools do. We kept it very basic - if you guess the correct team to win a game, you earned one point. At the end of the tournaments, the person with the most points was the winner. The whole family would go out to eat and the winner got to choose where we went.

This year it's just the guys and I doing the brackets and I want these men of mine to go down! Not that I really care who wins any of those games, but they are teasing me so bad about how I'll probably be picking my teams based on who has the cutest uniforms, or what teams have the least amount of wierd first names, or who's mascots I think are uber-adorable.
So it's on! Oh it is soooooo on! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can take down the testosterone a notch or two in this house!!

Here's my bracket for the men, filled out in ink and hung on the pantry door in all it's glory. Come on NCAA Guys! Bring it home for Mama!
I haven't filled out a womens bracket yet, but I'll be sure to let you know when I do, as I'm sure you'll be on the edge of your seat until then.

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LuAnn said...

We do the March Madness too. We all do the brackets. I of course have no clue. But seem to recall I won two years in a row. Have fun!!!