Monday, March 16, 2009

Can You Imagine Them On Caffeine!?!

This past week we celebrated Ashley & Chelsea's birthdays. I still find it not only hard to believe that they are 19 years old, but that I am old enough to be the mother of 19 year olds! I'm convinced that none of us look old enough for that! LOL

Jay, Austin & I picked Chelsea and her boyfriend up, and then met Ashley at the restaurant near her college, since it was just a couple of blocks from where she works. From the moment we sat down in the booth, the laughter started and I'm serious when I say it never stopped. Both girls were in especially silly moods, and when that happens it's a non-stop laughfest!

And they totally have that "twin thing" going on and somehow know exactly what other is thinking without saying a word. For example, we got them each a new shirt with matching little jacket. After they opened them I held up the camera and said "Ok let me see your shirts". Without a word they both showed me their shirts....however, I meant their NEW shirts, not the ones they were already wearing. LOL

Ok, that's better - kind of...?

Ok, turn your shirts around. Ha-Ha, very funny girls! Your neeeeewww shirts!

Then they just got wierd. Chelsea made the comment that the cakes looked so good. Ashley said "We should cut out our tongues so we can watch them eat these yummy cakes" (um...what?).

I wanted to get a nice picture of them (it seriously took me MANY tries!). I'd say 'SMILE' and they'd look at each other and say "I want to be sure she is smiling".

Finally they did let me get a couple of nice shots. Whewwww...a lot of work!

Then on Sunday, Jays parents said they were going out for lunch and they'd like us to join them so they could see the girls for their birthday and the craziness started again....

Yes that is Chelsea having a conversation with Ashley using a piece of pineapple (I just gave birth to them, I've never tried to explain them!)

Then they got their brother in on the act. They told him he was not allowed to smile nicely and of course, this would be one of the ONLY time he has listened to his sisters. *sigh lol* after about 5 tries, I gave up.

After we were finished eating, Austin, Jay & I went back home, while the girls took off in Chelsea's car. They decided they wanted to go ice skating together like they did several times for their birthdays when they were younger. With the goofy moods they were in, I should probably call the ice arena manager and apologize. LOL


Anonymous said...

so hard to believe these 19 years have gone so quickly - love them dearly!

DEb said...

Your girls are ADORABLE!!!!!! I SO wish I would have had twins....they are my FAVORITE... you're girls should be in the movies or on posters to advertise stuff...everybody loves twins....especially when they are BEAUTIFUL...I think I hear Hugh calling... (HAHAHAHA)