Sunday, March 15, 2009

Project 365 - Week 11

Here we are again...another busy week done.

We had the craziest weather today! Mild and foggy to start. Then it turned to rain, then to sleet, then we had HUGE snowflakes that turned the ground white, and then it all melted again. All within 24 hours. I'm just hoping that's the last snow we see for many months!


I boxed up a few surprises for our girls at college. There are party favors and Little Debbie treats in the boxes that they can use to have fun with their friends later this week when it's their birthday. They loved them and were already wearing the "Birthday Princess" tiara's I included. One even wore her tiara to work. LOL


Poor Jay spent 3 days on the couch with bronchitis and a sinus infection. He was miserable! See the quilt he's using? It was made by my mother and it's the softest most comfy quilt ever. We call it our "sick quilt". It's the one we all use when we get sick. I think it has magic healing powers in it, because we always feel better when covering up with it. :)


I went and watched Chelsea and her dog at their "Graduation" ceremony from dog obedience class. Anna the dog, lives at Chelsea's boyfriend's acreage.


We met our daughters at Texas Roadhouse for supper to celebrate their 19th birthday. WOW! I just can't believe it's been that many years already! We had so much fun!


Chelsea is majoring in early childhood education, and for one of her classes they asked students to bring preschool aged children in (if they knew any). A few of our friends have kids that age, so she took them. I picked them up and took them back home when they were done, so she could go on to her next class. What a fun ride home that was!


Grocery shopping day. Ashley is home for Spring Break, so I needed to stock up again, but I wasn't feeling well (I think some new medicine I took didn't agree with me). I sent Jay and Ashley to the store, and they came home with a whole lot more than was on my list. ha!

Well there you have it...our excitement for the week. Be sure to click on the Project 365 button in the side bar so you can head on over to Sara's and check out all the other photos!


fransmomma said...

wow, that snow picture is great, especially with the windmill!! your daughters are beautiful, and the picture of the kids in your car is precious! great week!
hope jay is feeling better.

sara said...

I do hope it is your last snow! we had very cold weather this week too!

you are such a good mom! I loved the idea of the box......mine is turning 20 in a few weeks....I am stealing your idea!

love the quilt. big question...which kid gets the quilt?! they are all going to want it someday!

LOL on the groceries.....I never send my men!!!

Great week!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

As far as the weird snow day you had, that's the only kind of snow day I know. lol!

I can't believe you have 19 year old twins! Amazing how fast it goes, eh?

And it always amazes me how much more my hubby will come back with any time he goes to the store. Kid in a candy shop! :-)

skoots1mom said...

what beauties!
love their cakes...

Kim said...

Great job capturing the snow! I never seem to have any success with just looks blurry or you can't see the snow at all.

Anyway, great pics this week...especially the birthday girls :-) Those years sure do fly by!

As long as extra chocolate is in those grocery bags, they're forgiven, right? :-)

Lisa said...

That is so very sweet that you sent care packages to your daughters. They are beautiful!

Michelle said...

You had a busy week. I love that you get your girls separate cakes. They are beautiful. :)

Becky said...

Let me start by saying that your daughters are BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh my word that birthday pic just glows with their smiles... but you knew all that ;-)

We get the 24 hour flakes here a lot. Its the best kind.

Lovely quilt. It heals so well because of love sewn in. :-)

Car full of preschoolers... I know that! Those are some cuties.