Friday, March 13, 2009

Only A Mom

Top 5 things that only a mom will do:

5. Lovingly hold back her childs hair when the child is getting sick in the middle of the night, no matter how little sleep she's had.

4. Give up precious sleeping room to allow her child to climb into bed after the child has a bad dream, and never once complaning about the ice cold toes now in the middle of your back.

3. Say "he/she doesn't deserve someone as great as you" when the childs heart is broken by a first crush, and pretending you don't have the urge to bop said boy/girl on the head for hurting your child.

2. Smile and calmly say "You're doing great" as her child learns to drive the family car, while hiding the fact that you have a death grip on the door handle.

And the #1 thing that only a mom will do:

Willingly drive 50 minutes one way to take pictures of her "Grand-dog" graduating from dog obedience classes, because her daughters boyfriend was supposed to do it, but had to work at the last minute (yea, likely story), and her daughter was so sad and disappointed because now she'd be the ONLY one there with no one to take pictures of her and "Anna".

Yep, only a mom.


sara said...

but a GREAT mom at that!!

I have to say I couldn't put #2 on my list....I am not calm when they are learning to drive and my gets much prefer driving with their dad....I can't help it!!!

Joyce said...

you are an awesome mom... that is great!

The Naths said...

That's so cool! She's so cute. =)

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

You are a great mom, Dena. What a sweet heart you have for your girl and your granddog. :-)

Becky said...

Anna looks like my mom's pup. You are a good mommy. It had to be just a little fun huh? I love watching dog obedience/agility trials.