Saturday, April 18, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 16

Sunday 4-12

HAPPY EASTER!!! I made veggie and fruit baskets to take to a family gathering for the day. Oy, what a project! A lot of fun doing it with my kids, but a lot of time and work too.

Monday 4-13

The nice weather has finally arrived for good. Tucker and Ringo spent most of the day out on the deck enjoying the sunshine.

Tuesday 4-14

Austin had his first high school golf meet of the year, so I was extra happy the weather had gotten nice.

Wednesday 4- 15

Chelsea's boyfriend has a dog, and Anna is her name-o. Anna ate something she shouldn't have and was very sick from it, so she had to be at the doggie hospital for a couple of days. I brought her home when she was released, because Chelsea was in class all day and the bf was busy in the field planting.

Thursday 4-16

Spring is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year. I love, love, LOVE Spring. Unfortunately, my poor eyes don't feel the same way. Therefore, this week the allergy eye drops have come back out. They now go everywhere with me.

Friday April 17

We watched Tiger Junior (aka: Austin) play in another meet. He is doing so awesome! He got 3rd place again and improved his score by 3 strokes from the last meet. Seems 3 is his lucky number, so at the next meet (the 3rd one) I told him I'm expecting a hole in one, on hole #3. :)

Saturday April 18

Austin wants to start raising his own pigs that he'll show at the county & state fairs, so we drove 90 min (one way) to look at some he was interested in buying. The majority of Farmers are worried about spreading sicknesses among the pigs from different farms, so most of the places make you wear these lovely paper-type coveralls and booties. For this reason, I stayed in the truck. I don't do paper coveralls. :P

So that was our week!

Head on over to Sara's through the Project 365 button in the sidebar to see some really great pictures!


Becky said...

Oh but wouldn't be fun to take a pair of paper coveralls home and paint someone. Weeeeee!

Y our fruit/veg baskets are very nice... I would have given up.

Anna looks like Mo, my parents pooch.

Sorry about your allergy eyes... that must be a bummer.

Lisa said...

Those baskets are amazing though they look like they would test my patience to the max. I'm more of a "just get it done" kind of person and that looks like it requires perfection.

I have a lab so I can testify that they eat ANYTHING. So gross, but I swear ours has a steal stomach.

I with you on the overalls!

tiffany said...

Great pics! Isn't this warmer weather AWESOME?!

Kim said...

"I don't do paper overalls." You crack me up!

Lots of great photos this week! Those food baskets are lovely -- and they do look quite time-consuming. How can anyone who receives one bear to eat it though?

Nise' said...

Wonderful food baskets! Poor Anna I hope she is doing much better. That is a lab thing, they eat EVERYTHING!

skoots1mom said...

ahhhhh, no pic in the paper...i don't blame you, i would want to either
good pictures!

beckyjomama said...

Your baskets are AMAZING!!! LOVE the paper covers - remind me of the hospital for baby births!

sara said...

but you would look so cute in a paper coverall!!!! :)

fransmomma said...

the baskets turned out great!! the little cucumber flowers are awesome!

zaditor is great stuff. i go through a bottle every spring.

TCKK said...

Looks like an interesting week!!!