Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Whew! What A Weekend!

We had a busy, crazy, busy, hectic, busy, fun (and did I mention busy) weekend! It was graduation weekend at our high school. Parties are spread throughout the entire weekend and our school covers over 6 towns, plus the countryside between them all. And on top of that we have the 2 towns combined that make up the school where Jay coaches that also had graduation parties this weekend. All total, we had 23 graduation parties to attend. No, we did not make it to all of them. There was just no way....although we tried.

The busy-ness actually started last Thursday. Austin and the golf team played in sectionals and unfortunately only the top 2 teams went on to districts in the hopes to go to state, and they got 3rd. There was some controversy over one of the teams that advanced which added to their disappointment, but oh well. Whatever will be, will be...right. :)

Then on Friday I took Austin to get his drivers license and I had such mixed emotions. On the one hand, it will be really nice to just let him drive himself to wherever he wants to go, but on the other hand, it's one more step towards him being an adult, and I'm really not ready for that. After we got home, we headed out for graduation parties.

Saturday afternoon & evening found us going to more graduation parties. By this time we were getting tired of cake and punch.

The commencement was on Sunday afternoon and it was an emotional day of course. I couldn't believe it had been an entire year since Ashley & Chelsea had graduated from high school. It's amazing to me! As soon the "Pomp & Circumstance" song started, I found tears in my eyes, and I was like "okay...I wasn't expecting that to happen." After the commencement ceremony ended, we once again were off to more parties.

Sunday evening we went out for Supper with Jay's family. The month of May is a busy birthday month as Austin, Jay, Jay's brother Jeff and Jeff's son Jacob all have their birthdays within a 2 week period, so Jay's parents took all of us out for supper to celebrate. Here's a picture of the 4. Be sure to notice....Austin is smiling in a picture!!!! LOL:

I had to show this picture. Look at the expression on Jay's face. He was sooooo not happy with me for suggesting they take pictures (while in the restaurant), and more pictures, and then more pictures...as you can see by his face. I kept smiling and mouthing to him "remember...you loooooove me", but I was afraid I might want to sleep with one eye open. LOL

By Sunday night we were so tired. I think we were all in bed by 10:00...which rarely happens. Yesterday it was back to normal (what exactly is that anyhow?), but both Jay and I mentioned we could use a couple of days to recoup. That doesn't mean we're getting old, does it?

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Those pics of Jay are hilarious!! LOL!