Thursday, July 09, 2009

How I Met My Mr. Right ~ Part 3

In late October, Jay came to pick me up to go to my parents home so they could meet him. I was so nervous! My dad hasn't ever been too fond of any guys I have dated, and since I really kind of liked this one, I didn't want my dad scaring him off.

I greeted Jay at the door when he arrived. There he is standing there in his old high school basketball warm-up pants. They are wide vertical stripes of maroon, black and white. AND he is wearing a BeeGees t-shirt. He looked very similar to the collage I put together over here on the right. I still shudder when I think of it. One thought came to my mind: My dad is going to eat you alive!

I rode back to his apartment with him and helped pick out something else for him to wear and off we went to my parents. I was still very nervous, but I'm totally serious when I say that within 30 minutes my dad and Jay were having a beer and talking golf and getting along great. I had nothing to have been nervous about...although, I was still glad I had made him change.

On Christmas Eve 1986, just 3 short months after we started dating, Jay got down on one knee in my living room and proposed to me. Without any hesitation I said yes. God had answered my prayer. I had met my Mr. Right. I remember looking up on Christmas night, just 24 hours later and saying "Thank you God, but whew....we cut it pretty close there. 1986 was almost over!"

This is a picture of Jay and I on the night we got engaged. Oh my goodness, we look SO young!


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Look at you with your sassy short hair! That was a fun story. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

I think your daughters look like you.

Kelly said...

BTW, I'm doing posts like yours since my anniversary is Saturday. Stop over for a visit.

Susan D said...

Great, great story. Loved every word of it. You two are super cute together. BTW, how's that farm life workin out for ya? I'm thinkin pretty good. Blessings, SusanD

The Naths said...

LOL! I was cracking up over that outfit he put together to go meet your parents! For the rest of the day, whenever I need a laugh, I'm going to think of that outfit. =) Great story! Love the way you kept us hanging each day. =) Well, actually it kinda annoyed me because I was like "Ugh! Come one! What happened next? Grr!" Which I'm sure was the affect you were going for, so it worked. =)