Monday, August 10, 2009

Jetski Drama

Ok, so I told you about our new jetskis (you can read about it here if you've forgotten) We actually owned one-half of two jetskis. Still with me?

Well, as I suspected, that didn't work out so well....I'm not one to say "I told ya so", but, I did kind of see this happening. It's hard to coordinate schedules and when they wanted to use the 2nd one, we had plans for it, and when they had both out being used, our kids wanted to use one. You know how that goes. Anywhooooo....

We ended up ending that agreement by taking full ownership of one jetski and our friends took the other. Good compromise and all were happy. We still had the arrangement that if we weren't using ours and they wanted to borrow it, they were welcome to, and vice-versa. After all, that's what friends do.

We ended up with the 3-seater. Why? Dunno. The men decided who took which one, and again, all were happy with the decision, so no biggie.

Turns out, the 3-seater was a lemon. Oh vey, that darn jetski had nothing but problems and gave us nothing but headaches. Every time they'd take it out on the lake, it'd stop working...that is, if they got it to start at all.

It was beyond frustrating!

Finally, Jay had enough. He took it back to the place he bought it and said "It's time to trade for a different machine". Well, the men at that shop are super nice guys. They felt bad that we had so many problems with it. They agreed that the best option was probably to trade it in at this point, as they had no idea why it kept breaking down after each time they thought they had repaired it, and they gave us an awesome (almost unbelievable) trade-in price for that lemon, so Jay ended up buying a brand new jetski.

It's a 3-seater too, and it can pull a tube behind it. Let me just say "this baby has power, and it goes FAAAAAST!" Whoa Nelly! The kids have had a ball on it and have been out there non-stop. Both girls even spent the night at home on Friday night so they could head back to the lake early on Saturday.

No, I haven't been on it yet. Oh sure, I plan to, I just haven't had time, what with trying to get ready to go to the fair. No, I'm not scared to get on it, so just hush. I've been too busy. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

But may I just say....both my girls were home for 3 days, including one overnight stay? I think I'm in love with this new jetski.


Kelly said...

Good for you. Glad your hubby was able to work it out. I wouldn't mind riding one, but I don't think I could drive.

SusanD said...

Glad everything worked out to the satisfaction of all. Bonus, the girls are home more. What's not to like? You should definitely get on that thing. Blessings, SusanD