Thursday, September 24, 2009

For Real?

Real ads - I couldn't make this kind of stuff up. LOL Click on each ad title to read some pretty funny...and hard to believe ads:

I want some orange juice
ultimate in laziness. This guy will pay you to bring him some juice

I have a huge bathroom
willing to rent out the bathroom. Just don't plan on ever wanting to come out.

I took your purse and felt a connection
A shy purse stealer hopes to make a love connection with this victim.

Personal Texting Assistant
Looking for someone to his texting so he can get work done. A true sign of the times.

You hit me with your Prius
Might be one personal ad that shouldn't be answered

Vegan roommate wanted
I'm thinking this will take finding just the right, very special person to live in this apartment.

1 comment:

Joyce said...

Those are great... love the bathroom for rent! lol!!!