Tuesday, November 03, 2009


We have always had the "rule" in our house that there was no dating before age 16, and it's never been a problem because our kids were never in a hurry like some kids are (it makes me crazy when I hear kids in elementary have a boyfriend or girlfriend...and buy them gifts and act as though they are much older and dating), and they never felt the need to have a bf/gf before that.

Ashley never dated until college and even now, her first boyfriend is over 8,0oo miles away serving our country in the Phillipines. Although, Ashley would obviously rather he be closer, she's actually ok with having plenty of time for school and other friends.

Chelsea knew her first boyfriend from junior high on, and she was almost 17 before they ever dated.

During the last school year, Austin made a pact with one of his closest friends. They agreed to not date or even ask a girl to a single school dance, all through high school. Knowing Austin as we did when he made that pact, we felt confident that this was a pact he'd keep.

"K" is a girl we have known for several years. She is actually a few months younger than Austin, however, since we waited an extra year to send him to Kindergarten, K is a grade ahead of him. So while Austin is the oldest in his grade, K is the youngest. One of Austin's best friends in Ks brother. K loves Ashley & Chelsea and has shown horses with them. Austin and K have always had a teasing brother/sister type of relationship...until this year.

And Austin was asked by his buddy..."What about our pact?"

The buddy was left at home, and Austin asked K to Homecoming, and we couldn't have been happier with his choice. K is a beautiful, sweet girl who is shy and adorable. She has great morals, family is important to her and she has no interest in any of the silly partying that goes on with some high school kids. Those are all things that she and Austin have in common. Plus, K is a farm girl who also shows pigs (another plus in Austin's book, I'm sure..ha).

Last week was the Halloween dance at the school. Austin wasn't going to go, but at the last minute K called him. The next thing we knew, he grabbed his cowboy hat and belt buckle for his costume and he was out the door to go to the dance.

Austin has really come out of his shell this year. He's not nearly as shy as he used to be. He's even got a part in the upcoming school musical! I would never have imagined seeing that.

Austin officially asked K if she'd be his girlfriend, and therefore a status change was due on Facebook from "single" to "in a relationship".

I had never thought about it before, but I am actually glad that I girls first. We have sat down with Austin on different occasions and talked to him about how to act around a girl, and how to properly treat a girl(eg: you don't try to give her wedgies like you do your sisters). I believe we were able to do that better, based on how we'd hope his sisters would be treated.

I do have to say though...I may be biased, but Austin is the kind of boy I'd hope my daughter would be with. :)


Debi said...

I was going to ask you about this! lol I notice the 'status' change! Too wierd to think he's so grown up! lol :)

sara said...

that is very sweet!! and she must be a really great girl to break a pact with a best friend!! :)

Darla said...

my family is just like yours, i didn't realize that...two girls and a little brother! i think boys with older sisters know how to be better boyfriends, they are used to girls, and know how to treat them, except for the wedgies! lol, i had to laugh at that part.