Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Nose In Need

This picture shows what I've been doing lately. A lot. Almost non-stop.

Seriously - n o n - s t o p!

I have barely slept the past couple of nights because my nose is like a leaky faucet. It won't stop running, which is so annoying!

We have some basic staples in our house to help with situations like this, so I went searching through the bathroom closet. Did you know that if you have a thyroid disease you can't take many cold medicines, or even nasal spray? Sadly, I do now.

So I sit, and I drip, and I blow, and I cough, and I drip some more.

Meanwhile, my poor nose is trying to fall off my face. The poor thing is so red and so sore.

Have you seen these tissues? I've used the lotion variety before. I have also made the mistake of grabbing one of them to use on my glasses with the cleaner. Trust me, that's a mistake you only make once.

They say they have Vicks in them. Supposedly it will help open your sinuses so you will breathe easier. It's not working for me. I'm still so stuffed up (how I can still be so stuffed up when I'm a dripping faucet is a great mystery) that only once have I even smelled the Vicks smell when using one. For all I know, that one tissue could be the only one in the entire box that even had Vicks on it. But I must admit...the lotion does help.

So, have you got any tips on how to turn off this leaky honker of mine? Oh, and please do not recommend the neti-pot. Yes, I know, some of you out there LOVE your neti-pots, but just the thought of using one is just too gross for me.

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Debbie said...

I'm sorry to hear that you have the nasty stuff that has hit my area. We've found that the Zicam sticks work great on colds but do not work on Flu and Broncitis.