Friday, February 19, 2010

Am I A Paula Or A Rachel?

Ok, question....does Paula Deen bake? Or does she just cook? Because I feel I am slowly (think snail pace) starting to get a grasp on cooking. Baking on the other hand is still light years away.

I know Rachel Ray has said she can't bake, so maybe I'll just try to aspire to be like her.

In regards to the scalloped potatoes and ham (with the ham inadvertantly left out); I did not open the pans back up and put the ham in. By the time I had endured all that I had in that ordeal, I was beyond ready to be done. Therefore, I took the easy way out...I put the ham in freezer bags and taped them to the top of the baking dishes. LOL I figure that when I thaw the dishes out to cook, I'll toss the ham in quick at that time.

Being a glutton for punishment, today I decided to tackle baking. Keep in mind that I need to bake something that is not only gluten-free, but also sugar-free. Converting a recipe to gluten-free is much more difficult, so I have been selecting GF recipes and then using Splenda or Stevia.

For today I selected something that I thought was an easy recipe: a crumb cake. Easy peasy right?


The recipe I chose uses a flour mix that you have to make up ahead of time. Soooooo, I got out those ingredients and got that all mixed up. Then I had to mix up the crumb topping so I got out all those ingredients and mixed that. Then, finally I was able to tackle the cake mix. It wasn't that it was hard, but holey-moley did it use a lot of ingredients. Keep in mind, I'm a reforming Betty Crocker cake maker. Eggs, oil, & water - boom, you're done.

By the time I got the cake in the oven, my kitchen looked like a bag of flour threw up all over it. Seriously, it was everywhere. It wasn't pretty. I also found some crumb topping in my hair. I have no explanation for that.

I do have to admit that the cake smelled yummy-licious as it was baking. When I took it out of the oven, it looked yummy-licious as well.

Jay came in the house and said "ooooo, is this a cake?" (not much gets past him lol). "Is this an afternoon on a Friday kind of cake?"

Me: "Would you like to have a piece of cake? LOL" (this man loves cake)

We cut the cake and each took a piece. I told Jay that I wanted his honest opinion. If I am going to have to cook/bake, the last thing I want to HAVE to do is cook/bake one thing for them, and one for me. I mean, I don't like cooking, remember? As if I want to have to do double duty? I don't think so.

I ate my piece of cake and thought it wasn't too terrible. Not a fav recipe for me, and I tried to think of ways to make it better. It was just dry, and I want a moist cake - like Betty makes. Plus, it had an after-taste from the Stevia. Splenda would have been better to use.

Then I made the mother of all mistakes. I asked Jay what he thought - keep in mind, I had asked him for his honest opinion.

Me: So, what did you think? (trying to sound super positive while noticing his piece of cake was still on his plate, only missing one - maybe two -bites)

Jay: The crumb topping was ok.

Me: You haven't finished your piece of cake yet.

Jay: No I haven't.

Me: You going to?

Jay: No I'm not.

Ok then.

Yep, I'm thinking me and Rachel Ray might have something in common.

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