Saturday, February 20, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 8

Another week of cold, snowy weather...which means another week closer to finally being able to welcome Spring!

Sunday - 2/14

Jay and I don't usually exchange gifts on Valentines day, unless it's some little thing. I had to share the card that Jay got for me. It's black velour, with the pink metallic lettering. The flash did funky things to the metallic parts. Both the top and bottom flowery sections are the same beautiful pink as in the center. This picture doesn't do it justice. It's so beautiful. I ended up buying a frame for it and hanging it in our bedroom.

We normally will make plans to go out for supper together on Valentines Day, however, I was in the middle of a nasty 3 day Fibro-flare, so wearing pink socks was as dressed up as I got. Jay ended up making supper for us both.

Monday 2-15

Chelsea's current roommate has some "issues" (I am honestly thinking she may be bi-polar) that she refuses to address, and it's been a pretty stressful year for Chelsea. Therefore we met her to look at apartments for next year (without the current roommate). That's her red car coming towards us as we meet at one apartment complex.

Tuesday 2-16

Aaahhh to have the life of a dog. Ringo looks pretty relaxed in his bed that Austin made back in 4th grade for 4-H.

Wednesday - 2/17

Before they changed my blood pressure medication, I was having some "fluttering" and palpatations and my doctor wanted to be sure there was nothing else going on. I had a holter monitor put on for 24 hrs. Not terribly uncomfortable, but also not overly fun either. Thankfully, everything looked normal.

Thursday - 2/18

Remember that big snow drift that Jay moved away from the front of our big front window? It's baaaaa-aaaaack.

Friday 2-19

This evening I bent down to put something away in the kitchen, when I all of a sudden felt as though I was stabbed in my extreme lower back. It was bad enough that I couldn't stand up straight or I'd get that same stabbing feeling. Jay was gone, but when he got home later, he and his dad helped get me to our Vue and off to the ER we went. They gave me 4 shots of Valium, as well as 1 shot of a strong muscle relaxer, and 3 shots of something they said was stronger than Morphine. It did eventually help enough that I was able to stand up straight, but as soon as they would wear off, I'd be back in extreme pain. X-rays showed nothing wrong (thank God!), so the doctor said that I somehow caused a bad sprain in my back. They sent me home with pain pills and muscle relaxers (which honestly have me pretty dopey) and told me to let it rest until I saw my doctor on Monday.

Saturday 2-20

I was supposed to take Austin shopping today for a tie to wear next weekend to his Winterfest dance at his school. His girlfriend's dress is black and pink, and she was sweet enough to let us have her purse that matches her dress, so we could match the pink. How adorable is this purse?

Since I couldn't go, Jay took him and I have to laugh when I get the visual in my head. Jay said that they walked into a store and Austin would take the purse barely out of a shopping bag he put it in and ask...can you match this? LOL The clerk did a great job matching it, even though the pictures don't look like it.

So, that was our week. Be sure to go see Sara so you can check out other 365 photos!


sara said...

love the card! steve and I only exchange small things on Valentines day..but this year I got flowers.

so sorry to hear about your back. I hope you are feeling better by today!!!

Amy said...

So sorry about your back, it is amazing what we take for granted and just how impossible life is without those things. I hope it gets better. Love that purse and he is such a trooper!!

Great pictures

Angie's Ad Lib said...

I'm so sorry your week was full of monitors, pain, meds, etc. Hoping next week is better.

Love that the boys had to go shopping with the adorable purse. The thought of it makes me smile!

My daughter has had some crazy roommates, as well, but the latest moved out on her own so Ashley got a new one that she loves. Thank goodness. Hope your daughter finds something that will work.

Tori said...

So sorry about your back! Will pray for you to be restored quickly!
The card and the purse are adorable! I love the thought of the purse being barely exposed from the bag. Kudos to them for getting it done!

Kim said...

LOVE the tie story! LOL
Sorry that you've had such a rough week. Hope you start feeling better soon!

Darla said...

wow, what an eventful week you had. hope you feel better soon. and hope your daughter finds a place to live too, that is hard living with an unpredictable roomate!!!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Man, it seems like you had a rough week physically! I hope everything's okay.
I, too, love the visual of your son sneaking that very cute purse in the store.

LuAnn said...

Sorry about your health issues. Feel better soon !!!! I had the heart thing a few years ago.

I love the pinl socks too!!!

Happy Week!!!

LuAnn said...

Sorry about your health issues. Feel better soon !!!! I had the heart thing a few years ago.

I love the pinl socks too!!!

Happy Week!!!

Rita said...

What a week! I hope this one goes a little better for you.
I love your positive attitude about the snow and spring! I needed to hear that!

Cathy said...

Love the pink purse and tie! In fact, you kinda had a pink week. Your socks, jacket and your card! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

taking a picture in the emergency room, I call that dedication!

I hope you are feeling better!


Melissa said...

The whole purse situation still has me laughing. Good for dad though for taking him to do it. He deserves something great come this Fathers Day.

Yikes! Sorry you had to go to the hospital. Glad it doesn't sound too serious though it sounds REALLY painful. Hope you feel better soon.

The Bug said...

I'm so sorry that you were having health issues this week! I hope you're feeling a lot better today.

Do we get to see a picture of the couple all dressed up?

rita said...

I somehow missed this post.
That was a traumatic and painful week that started out with a beautifully sweet love note and ended with a concrete demonstration of that caring love "for better or for worse." You are blessed, indeed.
But I hope and pray you are not in pain!